Just give me a reason…

Tuesday was an odd day. Rex was here as usual, which meant an eventful morning, full of tap dancing, singing ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and as always, lots of water and food colouring in various pots and then kinetic sand in our hair (but mainly in the rug) and a break for ice cream, Wotsits, half a sausage roll and a Kinder egg. Sounds like my diet, but this is what Rex had, haha. Then I had some news that wasn’t great (but I’m brewing a plan (Afterglow?) to solve this) and then the awful news that young Oli’s cancer has spread. Then my heart really sank. God knows what I cooked for dinner, my mind was totally elsewhere. Things do NOT happen for a reason. Oh dear – how I hate all those motivational posts on FB. You are NOT solely in charge of your own destiny. No one decides which child gets cancer, or who can’t have a baby, or whose boyfriend just drops dead at 35 from an aneurism. It’s the lottery of life. Having cancer in my 50’s was something I could accept – but at 15, it’s the cruelest blow possible. I feel so heartbroken for Oli and his family and if I prayed, I’d pray for his trial drugs to make him well. The lovely Hearties really get the need for our fundraising – it’s not just about the money raised, it’s about community, care and hope too. We must solve this! We MUST work out how to stop this happening. 😢😢

Here’s a good reason to be happy xxxxx

‘Alice, Darling’ was an odd film to watch, it brought back so many memories. I know that situation, I know those feelings, I understand how a person can feel stolen. What makes a person force themselves to remain in a relationship they loathe; the most unhealthy, damaging relationship possible? God knows. And when you escape, you’re actually damaged goods and the thought of being with anyone ever again who may also trap you in a cage, is terrifying. So, I never took that risk again because I know how it is to lose many years, your freedom, your family, your friends. My life now is somewhat unusual, but actually, it’s perfect for the plump, wheezy 58 year old me.

A first Arsenal shirt for Finn. Xxxx

We woke to snow yesterday, but it cleared quickly, with no chance of building a snowman… it was the coldest day of the year. I’m feeling a bit cold after hearing our 2023 Eurovision entry by Mae Muller. What a complete load of trash and what a let down after smiley Sam Ryder! We defo won’t be singing Mae’s poor attempt at Rockits! RIP Chaim Topol; not just the BRILLIANT Tevye in Fiddler, but so much more. There was something about him that I really liked. Jane T. and family have left The George in Robertsbridge, after 17 years! What a huge thing for them all – a complete way of life for so many years and now, a new, undiscovered one ahead of them. This is a bit of an odd post, sorry. Xxxx

Cheers! Here’s to new adventures! Xxxx

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