One step closer to spring!

I’m still catching up after a busy weekend and week. February has flown in, not a great month usually (cold!) but it means we are one step away from March and then, spring! The daffs have sprung up along the high street. Last Tuesday at Hearties we celebrated in style, with three birthdays! Congrats to Caroline (and thanks for all you do for the choir), Jackie and Tina. We had chocolate cake and fizz, which I’m thinking to make my staple diet. Actually, I’m trying not to eat sugar. I once had no sugar whatsoever for 5 or 6 years. Now, I hunt for old Maltesers that have fallen down the sofa!

Rex. It’s unlikely he’ll get a pint out of this! Xxxx

Wintersong rehearsals all next week before Saturday’s show. The ladies are sounding GREAT. After that, it’s time to slow down and start boot camp! Haha. I’m working on songs for Rockits at the mo, re-recording the Fleetwood Medley (a request) and starting some music for Best of British (Bob). Ru and Lou came over today, so I had to be sociable and emerge from my cupboard/studio haha. We had a toastie in the Meeting Place (used to be Moshulu) which was very good. Coffee mediocre, but great food.

Rudi’s definitely arrived!

If you get a chance and are interested, I loved the documentary, “The sound of 007.” I’m not much of an actual Bond fan, but the soundtracks are something I find totally amazing. I don’t care who plays Bond, but I do wait to hear (when the shroud of secrecy is removed) who has won the best prize – the titles theme. I’m not keen on Bassey, but she kind of created the Bond sound, the drama that became a key ingredient in the theme song. Being chosen to write/perform this song is an honour; an award for being the years most respected and talented artist. Tina Turner, Adele (Skyfall ❤️), Duran Duran, Chris Cornell, Sheryl Crow, Carly Simon, Jack White (odd), so many… the latest being, Billie Eilish. You could look through it like a history of pop music. The artist missing for me, is Amy Winehouse. She was PERFECT Bond theme material. I found out that she was due to record her Bond song around the time she died. I wonder when they’ll ask me? I do keep checking my junk folder, in case I’ve missed the email. I’d then be able to buy my VW camper and become a local celeb, haha. Blimey, I’d hate the latter; I’d have to blow dry my hair every time I went out! Since becoming, Max MKII and finding a heart (haha), I am much softer and emotional. I tried to rewatch Schindler’s List, as it’s an outstanding film, but I found it utterly heartbreaking. All I could think of were the boys in that situation. I just couldn’t watch it all. Schindler saved 1100 from the camps. He wished it had been more ❤️

Noah and his mummy xxxx

Max’s Boys – Rex is 2!

At the very centre of my world are all my boys. Little Max, Rufus, Finn, Rex and Noah. Such a lovely crop of funny little fellas and all totally different. Today, Rex is 2! He is going to see ‘fishes’ (Sea Life Centre) this morning and keeps telling me he is having candles. He talks endlessly and very well, but only when he’s with his immediate family; he’s shy when out. I have bought him (and family) tickets to go soon to see the live Duggee Show, at the Marlowe Theatre. I hope they love it – I’ve included ice cream in the interval too.

Finally, he got his candles! Xx

I feel lucky to still be here to help look after them as they sprout up. I will always love them unconditionally, without question (except when they draw on the sofa). I hope they feel they can always turn to me, talk to me and trust me. There’s lots I can teach them about too; music, cooking, undercover surveillance, making bunting…I have no clue about astronomy or chess, but luckily these are Grandads dept! I worry that they will lose closeness with me as they grow up, but boys will be boys, so we must enjoy the years we can share now, because when they are my age, I won’t be here (unless they have me cryogenically frozen like a pea, defrosted and restored at some point). Before long, they will be in charge of bringing me meals on wheels and helping me find my dentures. P.S. Rex shares his birthday with Auntie Anita and John T. Happy Birthday to you both xxxx

Seeing sea life at the Sea Life Centre xxxx

We had a little party for Rex. A cake with a gorilla and Blippi on! He loves a gorilla for some reason. It’s been an odd week and will be an eventful (and tiring) weekend. I’m bursting with pride about a few things, including Rufus getting his first school certificate, Leader of Learning. Bless him. I still have his mummy’s school certificates! Onwards and upwards! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Our darling Rufus – Leader of Learning! Xxxxx

Show Yourself, Mayweather, Wintersong.

Our very lovely Wintersong artwork. xxx

There’s nothing much been going on to blog about. My days are fairly busy, but similar. January always seems like that. I have mainly been holed up in my little cupboard-studio, working on an interesting little project; more details soon! The boys are all doing brilliantly. Finn is starting to play guitar, Rufus has shot up to level 6 with his reading, Maxon is loving school and doing brilliantly, Noah has started to eat solids and looks a year old (even though he is only 5 months) and Rex… Rex just video-called me to say he been on the toilet (he is just coming out of nappies) and what he did was, “enormous!” This is the result of buying the kids Flushing Frenzy for Christmas, hahaha.

Rex – about to bury Andy in his kinetic sand.

The ‘project’ includes this, “Undefeated flow, call it Mayweather. Different generations, but we stay together. Life can get hard you may feel the pressure, but today’s a new day just to get better. Wave side to side if you believe it now, whatever you dream you can achieve it now…But we don’t call the shots, like a referee; got my brother and the choir here next to me.” 2023 will be our year for supporting Cancer Research UK and our next event, is Wintersong, which will be held at St Mildred’s Church. I have done a few small group songs – the latest (below) is from Frozen and called, Show Yourself. I love small group songs as I get the prize of suddenly hearing what I have created come to life, there and then.

Finn following in the family footsteps!

I’m not sure I suit the world anymore. Firstly, why do so many people need a label? When did people stop wanting to be unique, strong, original? Why does everyone seek attention from people they barely know, rather than the people that actually love and care for them? Next, what has happened to teens on tv? They are all intolerable, little mouthy oiks, who need some discipline and their phones removed (the worst punishment possible) until they become decent people, with manners and respect for those around them. Surely kids at home are learning from the miserable kids on Eastenders etc? Like many, I have been through awful times in my life and I am sure I could be the proud owner of a long list of fashionable labels, but why would I want that? I’m old school, haha. Also, speaking from experience, depression doesn’t come and go when it suits your social life. I also think that putting on a smile (even one that didn’t start naturally) and getting out is the best thing to do, regardless of feeling nervous/anxious/dead inside. We all hit bumps in the road – some of us crash. We just all deal very differently with it.

Hugo – the bat cat, taking a cat nap. xxx
Show Yourself.

January Mermaids.

I think the lyrics to the song, January, are quite true! At home, all is calm, all is fairly bright. The house is de-tinselled and slightly decluttered, the remaining mince pies have been binned, the stockings and garlands are back in the loft and I’m ready for whatever comes along. The flu has left me (and most of the family) somewhat tired. I NEVER usually admit to feeling anything other than chipper and I’m certainly not one to mention having a cold or any illness, but bloody blimey, this flu thing was dreadful. Right now, I’m thinking we should be hibernating, eating lots of nuts and dozing for several weeks, to restock our energy levels. We could emerge in March…

Pink hair for my little mermaid! Xxx

Went to see little Max on Sunday. We haven’t been able to see him for a few weeks due to Covid/flu, but finally everyone was clear of germs! Phew. He showed us his Minecraft skills, ate a chocolate brownie I took him, sang me Jingle Bells and demonstrated his gigantic Batman robot that we got him for Christmas. Bless him. All the rest of my weekend was spent sorting songs. I’ve just done ‘Into the Unknown’ and ‘Show Yourself,’ from Frozen. These are for Rockits and Hearties (Wintersong). I think they are harder than usual; although they are Disney, they are little operas and lend themselves to lots of embellishments. Just a couple of weeks to the LP trip and then another 2 weeks to Wintersong!

Ooh to be…Noah xxxx

I have no sympathy for Harry and Meghan. A privileged, self-indulgent, inept couple who I wish would shut up and go away. One minute Harry says, as though it was easy (just like pawns in a game of chess), that he killed 25 people during his time in Afghanistan and yet a few years later, once he had been Meghanised, he needed to see a therapist after a brawl with his brother in which he fell on a dog bowl and broke his necklace, hahaha. He is a sap, but we aren’t. Team William all the way, haha. Harry’s book should be called ‘Chip’ (on my shoulder), not ‘Spare.’

Maxon showed Grandad how to play Minecraft.

A Brave New Year! 2023.

Jurassic PJs xxx

What a crazy year it’s been. Several times I’ve wanted to stop for a while and jump off the rollercoaster, but through the highs and lows, the massive ups and the sickening drops, I arrived in one piece. Looking back over my photos, theres a whole year to be thankful for, even the grey bits, because I’m here when others sadly aren’t and I’m grateful for every precious day (even the ones spent cleaning up the hall kitchen after our jubilee dinner dance – honestly, it was like a scene from the Bugsy Malone food massacre). August 2022 brought our beautiful Noah, Beth and Glenn got married, Carl returned to the fold and sadly, Nige lost a lifetime of my valuable friendship. A busy month! My close friends were wonderful and we saw shows and had a few away days in between our busy nanny duties. Then the SEN room opened and the choirs got busy. I’ve no resolutions for 2023. I just hope to get through it as happily and healthily as possible, without falling over too often and hopefully a few pounds lighter. My best bits from ‘22 include Rufus looking me straight in the eye and saying, “I’m your best boy, Dins.” I’ll remember Noah’s first big smile he gave me and Dad turning 80 (and still balancing on wobbly ladders). Our three biggest Amigos all started school and Rex became a hilarious, chatty, whirlwind. What does 2023 hold in store…my lips are sealed, haha.

Christmas Day walk. Xxxx

I wish you, the good folk around me, well. It’s rubbish to say that we get what we deserve in this life. It’s rubbish to believe in karma and I hope you boys realise that. What we have is an awful lot of uncertainty, but we can try to navigate through it the best we can, avoiding hassle and attempting to sail towards peace. Here’s to that peace. Here’s to always putting kindness first. Here’s to gentle smiles and the warmth of friends. Here’s to a coffee in Costa with Dad, watching Rex push his little hoover around the room, finding the Wagyu beef reduced to clear, doing up my favourite jeans, getting a new stapler – the list of joy is endless, haha. Here’s to things to come and memories to hold on to and may your troubles be over as quickly as your new year resolutions! The choirs – I bloody love them, each and every one. What an honour to stand before you all. Ooh yes, I heard this. “The brave may not live forever, but the cautious never live at all.” Be brave Rockits and Ramblers. Live each day as best you can. Instead of spreading negativity, put a lid on it and spread good vibes. Be thankful that you live, laugh and love. Happy New Year!

Hearties singing – before the fiasco in the evening. 😢

2nd Jan. It’s Beth’s birthday today and still most of us aren’t well. Poor Beth. Mind you, last year she was in hospital with Rex, so thankfully this year we are at least all at home! I made her favourite carrot cake with the five minutes of energy I rustled up and Carl grated the carrots for it with his. They called by briefly (we have all been staying home alone) for a sausage roll and beth opened her gifts. Happy Birthday Butsy – hang on in there.

Happy (first year married) NY xxxx