I’ll try everything – almost.

I’ve been super busy with new songs for the Rockits (I currently have 23 song ideas to try in my possibles folder) and also making a start on the Think Pink set, with a couple of festival songs thrown in. I try so many songs, more don’t make it to verse 2, than do! Shakira’s, Try Everything, is shaping up to possibly be our new, Up (Oli Murs). Most surprising thing of all is that Capaldi beats Sheeran more recently! I tried Sheeran’s, The Boat (cute), but it got drab and I got bored, so I moved on to Capaldi’s, Forget Me – much better! We are also doing another Birdy, Keeping Your Head Up. Hearties are learning Labrinth’s, Jealous – I’m interested to see how this evolves and some more from Encanto, with, Waiting on a Miracle, which makes me want to swing my arms around and do flamenco style clapping (poor Hearties).

We do like to be beside the seaside. Maxon xx

A few weeks back, I thought it would be nice to do a choir trip to see ABBA Voyage. I thought many would like to see it, but you need someone to go with, a way to get there and an affordable ticket! All solved after emptying our kitty and getting some help from the ABBA H.O. 78, yes, seventy-eight, of us will be singing along to, I still have faith in you, on 5th Feb., next year. Something to look forward to 🕺 🎶 xxxx

Finny Finnigan xxxx

Another monogram done (that’s a joke Liz and I share), in which I get to have what’s left of my original bust on the left side, squished into a giant Perspex vice. Once you’ve been put in a very unnatural, contorted position, knees bent, head twisted, one arm draped around the machine, the other behind your back, the plates flatten your entire boob into what appears to be a naan bread. I start fancying a curry for dinner… what the hell is wrong with me? As I’m told to hold my breath, I’m wondering if I’ve got any mango chutney in the fridge…. Then a lung function test in Canterbury, which took ages. I did the absolute best I could with my pitiful lungs as I didn’t want to keep repeating tests; the clock was ticking and it was lunchtime in Cotes!

The two faces of Rex, haha xxxx

Rufus can now ride his new bike with stabilisers. Rex has a red sports car (which doesn’t do many to the gallon). Maxon & Ivy enjoyed a day at the seaside, Finn got a special school award and Noah has started pulling himself up to stand and is crawling Xxxxxx

We’ve got a convoy!

Never to be forgotten xxxxx

Friday I went with Mum and Dad to say a final farewell to Auntie Vee, Dad’s sister. I have thought lots about what to write, but then I started to think this…


When you hear or read about someone who has passed away, the same things are usually said. They say they were special, unique, one of a kind – the world was better for them being in it. I have said the same things about several that I knew and loved, that are long gone. Auntie Vera though WAS all of those things. The real deal. A huge character, a unique, hilarious and wonderful person; the heart of such a big family. No words can exactly describe her, or do her justice. I don’t even want to attempt to find the words, it’s not possible. What was clear, was how very loved she was. Neighbours stood with bowed heads as the funeral cars drove by. Her daughters, Linda and Nancie bravely got through it (selflessly offering consolation to others, even though they were understandably heartbroken themselves). Her brothers lifted her to her final resting place – so very sad. Her granddaughter read a wonderful eulogy. There were over 200 at the service. 200 who all shared different memories of my lovely Auntie. I looked at all the handwritten messages on the flowers – my Dads last message to his sister…. “Never to be forgotten”. Xxxxxx

Her favourite colours. Xxxxxx

Linda and Nancie were amazing. Thank you for bringing everyone together to celebrate such a truly special life. I felt very proud of my family. I don’t see them enough, but they are such a kindhearted bunch – FAMILY. The thing Auntie Vera loved. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

With my cousins. L-R. Linda, Janine, me, Karen and Nancie in the front. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

A kraken birthday for Finn!

Had a lovely time up in Dorking for Finn’s birthday. The 3rd Amigo is 5!!! Bless him. They had a HUGE party for around 50 kids plus parents! As I entered the packed hall, Finn spotted me while half buried in a massive ball pit – he swam out, balls flying everywhere, ran to me and hugged me. Since we had a sleepover and I let him watch YouTube in bed and eat Galaxy, I’ve definitely become more popular, haha. As usual, I was asked to make the cake. It was a slight challenge as I had to make a pirate ship, with a kraken wrapped around it. Thank goodness for Google! Finn sent me a drawing and wanted me to bring it to cake-life…

The plans and the cake!

Phew! It came out quite well. I built a huge chocolate sponge pirate ship, covered it and marked it so that it looked wooden, made some cannons and stuff – sprayed some Maltesers so they looked like cannon balls, added wafer sails and then I floated it on a sea of swirly, royal icing. The kraken was easy – just took ages to pipe all the little suckers on the arms. My octopus fascination came in handy! Finn was VERY pleased with it (that’s all that counts) and it cut into 44 pieces – one for each little party goer!

Finny is FIVE. Happy Birthday darling xxxxx

I’m wondering if I could be switched off for a while? Maybe frozen briefly so I don’t go off. It seems that the last month has been NON-STOP. Those that know me well, always know that a day or two before an event, I stop thinking about it and my head totally moves on to the next one. It’s like my (creative) work is done (which it is at that point) and yes, I’m physically helping pull the current event over the finishing line, but my thoughts are whirling, gradually lining us up at the starting line for my next grand plan, haha. I entirely forget I’m slightly knackered, haha. We have some lovely local festivals for the summer and then we have upgraded our Think Pink October shows and added an exciting evening at Benenden School’s lovely theatre. On top of that, Mint Velvet (my fave place for clothes…when the sale is on) will be joining us and treating our guests to a fabulous fashion show. Can’t wait. After that, I have lots of ideas for cabaret too! Sleep is overrated anyway, haha. I miss my bed in the Hymer – I always slept so well in it. I hear Nige is away now with his son. I had hoped the Hymer would remain sad, abandoned and left rotting (like our friendship). A relic of good days.

Hip Hip Hooray, Finn’s Five Today! Xxxxx

A Coronation, a King and £5534 for Cancer Research!

St Mildred’s Church Mosh Pit xxx

I was walking along the high street with Rufus a couple of weeks ago and he excitedly said, “Dins! King Giles (Charles) is coming here!” I said, “King Charles is very busy and may not have time to come to Tenterden.” He agreed and then asked for a colour-change lizard from the Factory Shop. Anyhow – the King didn’t arrive, but most of our community did, haha! Bloody blimey! Where do I start with this blog? Well, last weekend, the choirs pulled together like an actual singing, fundraising, smiling army! Friday 5th’s HUGE (Cancer Research) Coronation bash at St Mildred’s saw well over 400 of us having a real blast – a proper, packed party, with lots of noise, laughter, dancing and yes, singing!! Numbers were so high that our sound guy struggled to pump the volume up above the row… but it was a GOOD noise. People were excited. They were meeting friends, they were letting their hair down, they were drinking, they were in full on party mode! Rockits/Hearties sang their huge hearts out and kept smiling, our Ruby Sisterz smashed their Amy Winehouse medley, brilliant! Our Spicy Girls (less Tali & Beth who were unwell), Laura, Sam and Ellie zigazigged like there was no tomorrow. Oh I’m so proud! The Rockitmen and Ed and Louis joined us and were just fab! Chris lit the church brighter than I’m sure it had ever been lit and our team, headed by Caroline brought in staging, decor, bunting, balloons – I just loved the balloon drop!!! Caroline, Jon Bray, Thomas, Roy ❤️❤️❤️. Huge thanks to the Phillips family for all their incredible help too. Rosina and Bruna did an amazing raffle which raised almost £1,200 alone! Honestly, it was like Jools Hollands NY party. When Ali said she came in and it looked like a mosh pit, I knew we’d achieved exactly what we set out to do! Sarah L, “we are community.” Yup, that’s us!

The Dream Team who put BoB together xxxx

Sunday 7th brought the choirs together once again for Tenterden’s celebrations on the Rec. The weather was lovely! Sarah W headed the tea tent and the choirs sang twice. The sunshine brought everyone out, lovely Roy kept us all topped up with G&T, the home bakers did us proud, our singers were great and importantly, we were together, sharing cold drinks and warm smiles. Donations went to Cancer Research.

I love these people. Roy & Sarah xx

Monday 8th was Tenterden Towns Coronation Afternoon Tea, at the Town Hall. 80 plus munched their way through a complete afternoon tea – sandwiches, quiche, scones, patisserie and lots of cakes! We had the room looking fantastic. A little team worked on this one, but again, we were able to give the profits to Cancer Research. It was busy, but Sarah P, Thomas, Jacob, Caroline and Rosina (who did the raffle and flowers, but also ended up helping!) and myself pulled it together. At the end of the weekend, we had collected £5534 for Cancer Research. Fantastic!

Jill, Sue and Sarah P, looking very patriotic xxxx

Music. It’s just the best and biggest part of so many things. What a key ingredient in all the coronation events – especially the actual one in Westminster Abbey. There is nothing in the world quite like this and I loved it all. The pageantry, the procession, the immaculate precision and yes, the fantastic music throughout (Zadok The Priest is the most majestic piece of music ever written). What a wonderful Coronation and what a fantastic weekend! All my life there has been a queen, but now there is a king! Here’s to King Giles III. Haha.

The nation shed a tear as the crown was placed on his head… xxxx

All shades of red!

Had a lovely trip to Brighton with Karen O, to see Echo Vocal Ensemble. They sang a diverse set, ranging from the 16th century to present day – a bit of Imogen Heap and some Beatles. A stunning performance that kept me enthralled from start to finish. I sat there the entire time with a smile on my face – it was just so beautiful and every voice in the little group, was perfect and sparkled throughout. Brighton College Chamber Choir also sang – incredibly good. Wonderful xxxx

Finn releases his red admirals!

I’m proud to be British. Baked beans, tea, The Beatles, Charles Dickens, Marmite, London (I miss my Sunday trips to Canary Wharf and all the lovely shops), I love it all – although I’m not bothered by a Sunday roast or a cooked breakfast. I even like the stiff upper lip, haha. I think the Coronation will be lovely because it’s actually something for us all – a way to bring communities back together. I hate the moaning about the cost. The thing is, things come out of different pots and this one, generates far, far more than it will cost. I’m a bit sad that our patriotism is dwindling; I do get it, but nothing can turn back the clock to an earlier time when The Queen kept their lives private. I’m all for a veil of silence and doors remaining closed, haha. People used to respect the royals. Sadly, the offspring and their (mostly) badly chosen partners have blown the lid off that. We’ve all got dodgy in-laws and black sheep in our families, but we are not royal families. Anyway – the Coronation. We are busy, busy, busy! Final rehearsal last night went well, but lots were off… unwell. All our events this year will be held on behalf of Cancer Research and ticket sales are great!!!!! I have scoured the shops for something red/white/blue and had no luck, so will wear my orangey cutdowns and pretend they are bright red. I’m going to say they are vermilion.

The Pale Pianist, bless him. Xxxx

The Whatmans have had a dreadfully unwell spell. I wasn’t even been able to go and help in case I ended up catching it. First Beth and the boys had scarlet fever, which in itself is ok, but it led to complications and (despite antibiotics) poor Ru ended up with a very bad ear infection, which led to a ruptured eardrum. Aaaaahhhh, poor baby. All were very sick and poorly and Beth has soldiered through it, although she’s had it and is left with a very badly infected throat and no voice. Let’s hope the doc can sort that out. Rex, AKA, The Pale Pianist (with a raspberry tongue), is still giving recitals even though he has a dodgy tummy and isn’t well. That’s show business! Oddly, once you’ve had antibiotics for scarlet fever, we are told you are no longer contagious…

Noah lounging in the bath. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’m doing very well on my restricted, pre-diabetic diet. In fact, my diet is pretty perfect, but my portion sizing isn’t. 137.