Yesterday and today.

Mothering Sunday. We’re not all mums…but we all have a mum and us women all have this wonderful capacity to care and nurture and that is always worth celebrating. I thought of my lovely mum, my Nan, the should be mums, my mates, my daughter and daughter-in-law’s – the women in our lives that helped us grow up and the ones who show up even now we’re pretty ancient. We are great at taking care of each other, not just our kids, so that’s what we should honour. I’m incredibly lucky to have not only been able to have three children, but also to still be here for them and all my little boys. I’m more aware of this with each passing year. So to all the women in my life, the mother-figures everywhere, let’s rise up and say, ‘Cheers!’ Here’s to another year (please) of caring and sharing. I thought this as I looked around the room at the Rockits smiley faces tonight – so many amazing women…and what a great night! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

“Cheers!” Karen, Ali, Rosemary.

Rufus asked Beth if Jesus was visiting on Easter Sunday, as “Jesus is coming back.” The new Avatar movie cost around $500 million to produce. I find it hard to get my head around this kind of thing. I guess the money needed to produce a movie wouldn’t exist if movies weren’t made, so it’s not as though it’s coming out of another pot. It just feels frivolous, especially when I’m laying in bed wondering what we can do to raise a few more hundred pounds for charities who are trying to save lives. Still, we do our best. We rehearse, we work at making our events better, we raise what we can.

Rex giving his bears a hug x

Beth’s new Rockits Glee Club has filled her with…glee! It’s a small group of 8-14’s and from what Beth’s told me, we can all soon retire and they can take over. **Note for Sarah… do NOT burn your sequin top and shred your folders, this is a joke. Like myself, Beths number one thing to do has always been, by far, something musical (not including eating Patisserie Valerie strawberry cake). My younger years were spent either in my bedroom, or down at Ernie’s playing the baby grand.** At home, my little record player was on repeat endlessly – sorry, mum. Sparks, Abba, Kate Bush – there was a Bowie phase (but only for a few of his songs), a Dusty Springfield year (SO many dance routines, haha), Elton, Kraftwerk, even a Gerry Rafferty summer. I don’t listen to much music now; partly because I’m older (and like many things, our way to be just changes) and partly because I am always singing something or other. Tonight we sang, Yesterday. It’s SO pretty. ** I have just been offered this very same baby grand as it’s been with Ernie’s grandson. I couldn’t take it when I was 18 and it was left to me when Ernie died. Now, I also don’t have the room to take it. It’s a shame as it was so special to me. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

My little love, Rufus, when he was 2. Xx

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