The week of…

So many songs on the go, including, ‘We don’t talk about Bruno,’ from Encanto. This song literally took the world by storm; I wondered why. Current songwriting sensation Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music – he is a bit of a creative genius (although not my cup of tea) and he also wrote, Hamilton (which is not about F1). It broke all records for Disney songs and topped the charts for ages. I reckon social media helped. Kids now access things with a click and a swipe (Rufus can hack my Amazon account and buy anything in the space of time it takes me to sneeze), I digress…The Bruno song went viral on TikTok. Then there’s it’s Latin roots – it’s a bit salsa, a bit, cha cha. Mostly, I think the subject matter helped; it’s what we are spoon fed today – a black sheep, a shunned outsider. Speaking of which…Kids at Homewood staged a rally over issues with pupil toilets and uniform policy. Absolutely ludicrous and shouldn’t be permitted. I liked one of the comments on FB which said, “suck it up.” Too right. Kids CANNOT choose how they wish to live and what they wish to wear. That is down to their parents. Too many people are wrongly given too many rights and kids need to learn respect and accept a healthy level of discipline, or else our future generations are doomed.

Fantastic Mr Fox, Finn, is off to World Book Day.

Annoyingly, I have done something to my back and am having to keep fairly still. This is why I don’t recommend housework, haha. I kept getting odd twinges as I changed the beds and cleared up and then, bent down to pick up wet washing and that was that! Ouch! So frustrating as I had to cancel a session (which I HATE doing) but just can’t do much at the moment. This also means I can’t appear on Dancing on Ice tomorrow!

Finn doing a great job moving Noah’s head! Xx

While having to keep still, I watched, ‘Fleishman is in Trouble.’ It’s a miniseries and I just loved it – I actually felt sad when I got to the end, just because there’d be no more of it! It got better and better, with so many twists and turns and I found the narrative that runs through it quite profound at times. It’s not until the last couple of episodes that it gets REALLY good (and you’ll be a bit shocked to see you had it all wrong!). I binged it; but now wish I’d savoured it a bit more. This is what happens when I get a family bag of Maltesers.

Snap! Rex on left and his mummy on right. P.S. He does not usually have a ponytail, haha. Xxxx

Last Sunday, we had a family dinner at Chequers, High Halden. Excellent Sunday roast – definitely recommend. The boys were so funny. Ma and Pa are now having a break in sunny Tenerife. Rexy has had a bad cough and chest again.

Just love Rex’s little Rockits jacket ❤️

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