Bad Habits and white knights.

I’m loving the music from Daisy Jones & The Six! It’s very Fleetwood, interesting. There’s a few things I can take or leave, like sweet potatoes, Lorraine Kelly and holidays abroad, but I love a good series with a musical theme. I’m working on a few BITS for a little Hearties fundraiser for Beth’s SEN room and also a couple of BOBS for…BOB (Best of British). Today, it’s Nights in White Satin. As a child I thought it was called, Knights in White Satin. I imagined Joan of Arc going into battle in a nice frilly blouse, haha. Ru is at this hilarious age now, I glean all I can from the boys. Ru and Rex had their first theatre trip and saw, Hey Duggee, at the Marlowe, Canterbury. It was a great success! Another huge success is Beth’s SEN room, JustGiving fundraiser. I am so touched by the kindness, generosity and support shown by many for this and their very positive comments too. ❤️

Mummy and Ru. Xxx

I also did the Sheeran song, Bad Habits – I have loads, haha. I’m messy because I’m always in a rush, even when I’m actually not, haha. I hum constantly because my head is jammed full of songs. I interrupt conversations (again, because I’m in a rush), but I’m trying hard not to do this. I pick my phone up far too often, even though I know that after a while it stresses me out. I spend too much (of the little I have) on the kids and am rubbish with money – I’ve never cared in the least about it, or material things. I eat too much because I’m greedy by nature. I worry about stupid things when I wake up in the middle of the night to find my brain has delivered a bulk download of things I prefer not to be reminded about. That day, Mum had seen someone from our past and it started a conversation and a quick read of the ‘X Files,’ which makes truly sickening reading.

Hey Duggee at the Marlowe Theatre xxxx

It’s a strange world. All that’s been on the news for weeks is the story of a missing woman, Nicola Bulley. Her body has now been found – no suspicious circumstances. Very, very sad, BUT many people go missing every day; they just aren’t such a good news story. 40,000 people just died in the Syria/Turkey earthquake and that has occupied less time on the news here. Odd.

They all say, “who’d have thought it!”
Nights in White Satin. © Arr. Max Wilson
Bad Habits. © Arr. Max wilson.

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