Elves, Artists and Fleas.

The Rockits SEN Hub is ready for Christmas! Woohoo! It’s SO cute, right from the old fashioned Santa scene in the window, to the little grotto with an empty, fur trimmed chair, waiting for Santa. It’s an upside down world; with an upside down Christmas tree and presents on the ceiling! There’s Snowball Street, with its gigantic silver and white balls hanging and meteor lights in between. There’s Candy-Cane Alley, with its red and white stripes… it’s all just very lovely. The elves have worked SO hard and I have to say, are very proud of the finished result. Kids will LOVE it. My traditional Mrs Claus outfit has arrived. The things we do for Beth, haha!

Ready and waiting, for Santa xxxxx

Christmas is all around us now and it’s got me thinking that it REALLY is the season for spreading good vibes, kind gestures and giving (not receiving). The Hearties all have WhatsApp group chats (for each group) and I am so very happy when I see their endless, friendly chats – it’s one of the best ‘side effects’ of having choirs! Early this morning, I put a shout out for props for the 12 Days of Christmas, for cabaret. By lunchtime, one of the ladies had a ginormous papier mache goose egg, four giant inflatable phones were located (calling birds), cows udders were found, a papier mache partridge was being created, berets loaned (French hens), feather boas found (for swans) and we were almost there. Blue Peter badges for most creative artists, go to the Tenorettes. They are our smallest group but great with a paint brush and some craft glue! We also have some great flea market and charity shop hunters, who source lots of sparkly stuff. Newsflash – there is now an actual pear tree for the partridge to sit in! Amazing!

Ivy & Maxon are both on the NICE LIST xxxx

Last nights dreadfully bad Christmas film was, Baking all the way. It had all the usual ingredients, including lots of gingerbread (a secret family recipe), someone called Kris and a widower with a young child. Another 1/5 candy canes. A random question – has anyone else noticed that Carol Vorderman is turning into Dolly Parton? If you want a (non Christmassy) GREAT film to watch, My Old Lady, is very good! “Precision and wine is the key to a long life.” Half the people rammed in Tesco today were in the wine aisle, stocking up. They didn’t hear about the economic crisis. Everywhere I have been is ultra busy. I’m not sure I agree that everyone needs the financial assistance they will be receiving, sure some do, but certainly not all! I always feel that those on benefits get more help than the young families who try to support themselves, work hard and just manage to keep their heads above water. Maybe they’d get more help if they washed up in a dinghy at Dover?

That naughty elf is hanging on for dear life!

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