Santa Claus came to town!

No caption needed – those smiles say it all.

Tenterden Christmas market is on at the mo. It’s not like the fabulous ones previously held, kindly organised by local residents, with local stallholders, it’s another commercial ‘Zoom’ event. I guess it’s good there is something (thanks TTC for always trying), but I hope it’s not disappointing for anyone visiting Tenterden. I walked along the high street and decided the only Christmas spirit to be found on Friday was at Beth’s little SEN room. They are open each day this weekend for childrens ‘letters to Santa’ and the SEN room girls are all dressed as elves. We’ve had a visit from Santa and his wife and Rudolph too! I am incredibly proud of the SEN room – something genuinely good for our community. It takes an awful lot of work, so is largely a labour of love and many of us help Beth with its running. Community matters and this little room already means so much to so many. There are lots of additional activities on through December which I hope will do well as that will help with the running costs into next year. 🥹

Caro-Elf is taking a quick snooze at the SEN room!

I’ve sorted the running order for cabaret and I think we will stick to it. As cabaret approaches, I get like an expectant mother and start clearing and cleaning everything at home. I think that I always do this. Maybe, without even realising it, I know that I cope better with a chaotic few days if my house is relatively peaceful and tidy. I have no idea how the cupboards fill up within a few months? My problem is that I don’t like throwing weird things away – a strip of ric rac may be just what I need for a kids craft project, an empty Pringles tube too, fairy wings, pretty jam jars, spare cat bowls… oh dear. Tomorrow, it’s upstairs wardrobes after babysitting and then back to work recording for Christmas.

Rex and Grandad Wilf are getting in the spirit xx

I will leave you with some wise words from Bear Grylls. His “message to our next generation” was, “have courage, always show kindness and never give up.” Basic, but quite right.

He is surely on the NICE list? Mummy isn’t so sure…

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