Ashira l’Adonai!

I am slightly fazed when I look at the amount of scribble on my fridge calendar, haha. The Rockits SEN hub is VERY busy (well done our lovely Beth) from next week, which means I’ll be helping out with more bits there, doing my nanny daycare, being Mrs Santa, getting out to the choirs (which is now sometimes twice a day), trying to arrange all the music for Jan/Feb events super quick, pulling us through cabaret and then, somehow have the kids all fed, merry and together in my little house over Christmas. I have a few nice treats lined up (a couple of shows to see), but I don’t have many days off really, until the new year. Thank goodness the choirs are great at pulling together! The GL’s have been brilliant, right through the pandemic and to this present day, working hard to help where they can, thank you. They’ve definitely earned their stripes and when our day comes and we step out on to the stage at the Albert Hall, I won’t forget, haha. I have also been touched to see a few with no voices (otherwise fit and well) at rehearsals, just listening and learning.

Auntie Anita, Uncle Kenny and little Kenzie.

I’ve started my usual spell of watching cheesy Christmas movies at night. The REALLY naff American ones, with fake snow and rubbish actors. Tonight’s, Random Acts of Christmas, was so bad it only just scored 1/5 candy canes. I heard something nice; if kids are writing a Christmas list, try getting them to list one thing they WANT, one thing they NEED, one book to READ, one item to WEAR and something to SHARE – like a game or *tropical disease. The five gift Christmas plan. *obviously not! The Day clan had a get together – I will get to one eventually, I’d love a proper chat with all my cousins and family.

Mum with cousin Linda, the birthday girl.

There I was whizzing through, When you Believe, (by Whitney and Mariah) from the film, The Prince of Egypt, when I hit a whole patch in Hebrew, hahahaha. I really should check a song right through before starting, but I’m always too eager to get going. Oh dear. I made a cuppa and thought it through and decided to continue. Consonantal Aleph’s are a real thing, but I really have no clue as to exactly what they are. The vowel sounds are pretty regular (phew), but there’s the odd, guttural noise that is key to making it sound authentic. The part in Hebrew also gets very fast. I think that by the time some turn their page – the song will be over. Oh well, in for a penny in for shekel, haha. “Ashira, Ashira, Ashira!” Me – that’s what I’m singing as I stand in the queue in Waitrose.

Pop with his little bro.

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