Pink is my favourite colour!

This years Think Pink at Little Silver, was our best yet. I was SO pleased, so proud. There are many reasons for this, but mainly it’s the way that everyone in the room joined together for “one night only.” Felt very special. The Hearties were absolutely brilliant. I’m a rubbish conductor, but they totally understand all my little waves and expressions and they swell and crescendo and then fall to a gentle landing and can stop in an instant when I pinch my fingers together (don’t know exactly what I do – but they do!). Oh it’s wonderful. I remember learning to conduct when I was at school, but it was nothing like this. Miss Rotherham (head of music at Gillingham Tech) would have a fit if she saw me doing poses only usually seen at Mr Olympia completions. I no longer care when I briefly notice guests staring – I can hear what works for the choir and that’s all I care about! Also the choir were in a mixed formation, with an equal mix of voices on each side of the room. This meant the choir could hear what they usually can’t and they seemed to love it. Food for thought!!!

Now that REALLY is what I call Think Pink!

Set list – Fix you. When we were young. Remedy. Running up the hill. Hero. Say a little prayer. Dreamgirls medley. Listen. Run to you. Lay all your love 💕 on me. ABBA medley. Like a prayer. I still have faith in you. The amazing speakers were – Penny, Kate, Sarah L and wow, our Liz gave a very real account of her run in with breast cancer. Rosina’s Raffle raised £1420 (astonishing) and with ticket sales included we are at around £3k. Expenses were very low for this event and the ‘professionals’ that helped were very generous too. Thank you. Thanks to Caroline, Roy, Dad, Kelly (who sang on Friday), Thomas, Ben (sound), Rachel (photography), Sarah W, Mel, Rosina, Karen and Bruna. Thanks to those who helped clear up quickly too.

What a fantastic thing to share. 💕

Busy, busy, busy few days. Rexy has been unwell again as his chest was bad. He also had an ear infection. Poor little chap. I can’t believe I spent all Sunday working on cabaret – but it’s not far away now…

Karen, Kim, Tali & Sarah. You can’t take them anywhere, haha.

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