Scissorhands and skeletons.

We are all set for our first Think Pink show tonight! Exciting. The stage is in, the room arranged and now, the sound system gets sorted. I need to find something to wear (hate that bit). Local radio station caught me unawares yesterday for a quick interview. It was initially supposed to be later this evening, live on air, but then that got changed and blimey when you are suddenly confronted with…”right, talk for two minutes about Think Pink. Go!” Not easy for me.

“You can’t stop the girl.” Xxxx

Lovely piece about Beth and the hub in the local press. How absolutely brilliant. If we were sticks of rock, COMMUNITY would run right through us. Maybe, FAMILY. Maybe, CHEESE. Also, Little Max won a colouring competition and Rexy did his first wee on the toilet, haha. Spent some time in Dorking with the new baby (on his 9 week birthday). He’s smiling and chatting, in his own little way. I took the boys skeleton suits for Halloween and enough sweets to keep Finn hyper for several weeks, haha. I collected Finn from his lovely little school too. Ollie bought me a spiffing pair of fabric scissors; I can pretend I’m on the Sewing Bee now as I snip everything in sight. When all the little ones are together it’s like a ramshackle zoo, with each child getting attention in their own way. Finn pushes your head firmly where he wants it focused, Rufus throws rubber fruit around the room and asks to borrow your phone, Rex carefully arranges himself on the floor as though he has fallen from a tower block and then fake cries until he is rescued.

“The Winner takes it all.” Well done to our Little Max xxxx

Liz Truss has resigned as PM already! Boris, who left office just 6 weeks ago is expected to stand in the contest to replace her! Crazy times ahead. I like Boris even though he’s a blithering idiot, haha. What scares me is the next general election and the likelihood of Keir Starmer becoming PM. I would rather listen to the Kardashians droning away for an entire day than have Starmer leading our country. More shocking is the lack of toffee apples in the shops. I know I shouldn’t eat them, so to save my dodgy teeth I smash them up with a rolling pin and eat them in little tooth-kind (haha) pieces. Also, variety isn’t always the spice of life. A toffee apple is a perfect thing, so why are the supermarkets selling chocolate dipped apples with a variety of toppings? A Christmas pudding is not clementine and orange!

“He ain’t heavy – he’s my brother.” He may be slightly heavy… xxxxxx

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