Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours! Baby & Toddler Rockits Sensory Room.

Congratulations to Beth! Baby & Toddler Rockits now have their own little home in Tenterden High Street. B&TR sensory room will open in August and Beth’s little classes will be held there, together with lots of other very worthwhile things, like classes for new mums, slots for little ones with SEN’s and all manner of wonderful things. What a great thing to have in Tenterden! So proud of Beth as she has achieved such great things and also genuinely cares about her community. I am sure it will be well used! Rockits and Hearties will also be welcome to come in for little bits and bobs, including help with theory and new songs. Can’t wait. While I am waiting, I am working my way through loads of new songs in preparation for the end of year shows and the new term. Today is, Say a Little Prayer, last week was, Sign of the Times (Harry Styles) and I have a little list of Motown (Signed, Sealed, Delivered, is a favourite of mine) to look at for Think Pink.

The Crested Iguana with a crown of gold. xxxxx

I’ve come to the realisation that I need slightly different things out of life. I need to work out exactly what they are and then make any necessary changes. The last year or two has been a slightly exhausting blur. That isn’t to say it’s not been enjoyable; much if it has been fab, but I just need a bit more balance or something. The Rockits took an enormous hit as a result of the pandemic and then (while in lockdown) our regular hall bookings were given away…just one thing after another. I may have been a little overcautious in the length of time I closed the choirs while we were in the midst of Covid chaos; I felt responsible for everyone and didn’t want to take any chances. It’s also true that the majority of Tenterden Rockits are now in the Hearties (56), meaning that Thursdays Rockits became thin on the ground. For that reason and after loads and loads of fretting about it, I decided to fold this group. Hawkhurst Rockits is doing well and will provide a welcoming home for any Tenterden Rockits just 15 mins away.

It is the law that we must go to Montalbano’s for ice cream on hot days. xxx

Rufus has been a little off kilter lately. He has been sad a few times when he goes to pre-school and not keen to leave Beth. He is such a caring, sensitive little soul. He used to go bumbling into school, forgetting to give me a kiss and say “abberm” (that’s just what we say; something left over from when he was a baby), but sometimes now he looks me in the face, searching to see if I am happy that he is going to school. He thinks I will be sad and miss him. I clown around and smile and jiggle, but he still searches my face. Now, as soon as he is inside his little face appears at the window and watches as I leave. Every now and then I turn around and pretend I’m a monkey and he does a little smile. I carry on walking, turn again and he’s still there…waiting, so I strut around like a chicken. We blow endless kisses and I try to make him laugh. XXXX

Rex is just ordering some toys on Nona’s Amazon account xxxx

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