Moments of Pleasure at CHOIR ACTUALLY.

Full marks to us for a fabulous show last Friday! CHOIR ACTUALLY was a great success. The Hearties sang to raise money for St Mildred’s Transformation Project and Macmillan Cancer Support. Huge thanks to all those that made this possible. Caroline for organising, the guys for lifting, the bar gang for serving, the raffle squad for raffling, Ruth for backstaging (not sure that’s a word), the group leaders for group leading…etc. Candice wrote, “absolutely stupendous performance last night by everyone involved. I’ve received such favourable feedback from friends and family and I’m sure I speak for everyone in saying there’s just something about being a Heartie and being in that stage together that adds a little sparkle to our lives. We really are one amazing Sister Act!! Max as always you have totally outdone yourself with your musical arrangement genius and your vision, huge thanks to everyone else involved and especially to our wonderful Ruth who kept us all in order backstage and looked after us so well. Xx”

Rachel Luckhurst took some FANTASTIC photos. This is my favourite.

First half : Ascot Gavotte, Could have Danced all Night, Without You (solo – Louise), Feed the Birds (Gill did a lovely job feeding her pigeons), She (with Wayne), Get me to the church (with Jon, Roy, Thomas, Caroline and Carol), I’ve grown accustomed to her face. Then a very quick change (that wasn’t quite quick enough) and It means Beautiful (Laura, Suzanne, Ellie, Jenny and Nicky), Wall in my Head and He’s my Boy (love that song!). Then our Dreamgirls sang, One Night Only, I who have nothing (Gwyn, Tracy and Beth sang with the choir) and Beth ended the first half with, And I am telling you. Liz wrote, “Everyone looked smashing, absolutely dashing & what a spectacle it was. I echo what’s already been said, so much hard work behind the scenes, in the prep, creation of the scores, beating us into shape, trying to organise excited race goers etc. Thanks to everyone, choir (we really do act like sisters) Max, Caroline, Ruth, Rosina, too many to mention. Loved it, great to be part of it🎶👏🏻👏🏻💖xxx”

“E’s getting’ married in the mornin’- oi!” A pair of sweeps – Caroline and Carol.

Second Half : What’s inside, Waitress medley, She used to be Mine (Tracy, Kate, Tali, Sarah P and Penny). Calling our Angels (our song for Ukraine), followed by our Sister Act set. Bless our Show (Sam, Carol, Kate, Sally, Ane and Sue C), I will Follow Him, Eye on the Sparrow, The Life I Never Led (Sam), Sister Act, Welcome to the 60’s (English version, haha), Shout & River Deep. Sally (Mother Superior) wrote, “No-one (as far as I could see) tripped up, or down the catwalk, no-one fell off the stage, so apart from a few late arrivals (sorry ’bout that 😞) after a not-so-quick change, I think it all went amazingly well. It’s an incredible feeling to be part of a group of such awesome ladies and being at the front for Sister Act, to hear the full weight of the choir behind you (normally being at the back), well, that really was something special. Thank you Max so much for this choir. ❤️ xx”

There were My Fair Ladies, nuns, waitresses and Dreamgirls. Tali, Candice, Jackie and Tricia.

We were able to donate £1000 to the church fund. We also raised a fair bit for Macmillan (some of which is still uncounted in a bucket) and that will be added to the money we collected at the Jubilee Picnic. As usual the show did cost a fair bit to produce – sound, hired help, printing/banners, costumes etc., but they are all necessary and important if our productions are to be as wonderful as they are. Sarah Lucas wrote, “What these figures do not take in to consideration is the benefits we get from being in a choir, friendships etc., and for me that is priceless xx” Hear, hear!

My beautiful girl. I’m such a proud mum xxxx

As one show draws to a close, I’m always midway through working out the next one and the one after that. It’s a conveyor belt that must keep rolling. I have scribbled on scraps of paper everywhere and have a list of ideas that grows daily, in my ITunes “To Do” folder. It’s only June, but I’m thinking about October, November and Decembers events. It’s actually the only way to manage – get a plan and hatch it as early as possible. I’ve been delving into some Kate Bush (probably my fave ever songwriter and songs I have always wanted to use) as there are some beautiful pieces I want to add to Wintersong (November) and some Aretha for Think Pink; it’s all about the girls (literally, haha). Have you ever heard, Moments of Pleasure? Give it a go…

And MY mum – always there behind me, supporting and helping.

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