Buona festa del papà

Saturday. Did you know that just two stops from Canary Wharf on the lovely new Elizabeth Line takes you to Italy? Yes! One second you’re walking through Liverpool Street Station and then you’re surrounded by the smell of proper coffee and endless cabinets of Italian goodies. Ok, so it’s not Italy, it’s Eataly. I highly recommend most things Italian (except boyfriends and the crazy drivers), it’s definitely my fave food! Eataly isn’t new, there are 13 scattered across the globe; all a mini Italian paradise for foodies and an informal place to eat, shop and even learn how to do it! We had a perfect coffee in the Gran Cafe (we sat on giant coffee cup stools) after admiring all the pastries and gelato. Then we walked through the Via del Dolce (I think!) which was a long, twinkly tunnel full of sweets and biscuits and a cannoli counter. Then on through the store and fresh pasta, cheese, meat, fish, lovely bar and panini and light bites. Everything is being made right there as you shop! Upstairs is a supermarket style floor which stocks EVERYTHING including ginormous olives and more nougat then I’ve ever eaten in a dream!

“How much are your plums?” Al Fresco.

We had a lovely meal in the al fresco area. I love Italian food because it’s so simple; it’s all about the quality of the ingredients. As great as Eataly is, it can never match going into a little backstreet cafe in Rome, where you pay a couple of euros for a coffee that blows your head off, but in London, Eataly may be the next best thing. We are in training for our big trip to Italy next year. Roll on August 2023. Woohoo!!!!

Fairy lights and sugary bites xxxx

Sunday. Father’s Day. Dear Wally. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me – 58 years worth of bailing me out, house moves, fixing my cars (and buying them!), cutting my grass, making me laugh, helping with the kids, cleaning my windows, nipping out for coffee, changing the lightbulbs, fitting kitchens, taking me for hospital appointments, unblocking the hoover, going to gigs, taking us on holidays, sitting through so many shows. You and mum are my biggest supporters and amazingly, have gone along with all my harebrained schemes (my goodness, there’s been so many), even the ones that failed. My heart is full of gratitude, even though I inherited your ingrowing toenails. Xxx

Ru. Another piece of our family jigsaw xxxx

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