Ports and pilgrimages.

Sunday. What a week it has been. It’s the final day for the public to attempt to see the Queen lying-in-state in Westminster Hall. Countless people continue to queue (we are a nation known for queuing) for hours and hours and hours (through a very cold night) to say goodbye, ahead of tomorrows funeral. A very special kind of pilgrimage. Heads of state and foreign dignitaries are flying in from all over the world. Poor King Charles hasn’t stopped and I am sure those involved in tomorrows event will have been working 24/7 to make it perfect. I keep checking my junk folder, but still no invite for us to go and sing Robbie William’s, Angels, at the funeral!

First aid at the hub. ❤️

I was at the SEN room a few nights ago to help out (be nosey) at a first aid course for babies and toddlers. Lots of mums-to-be are doing a little series of weekly info chats. I can now do CPR and know what to do if our little ones start choking etc. It got me feeling so proud! What an important thing to make available to people, it could literally save a life! I feel quite emotional when I read all the good reviews for the little hub. “Absolutely amazing! Went along this morning with my son and he absolutely loved it and had an amazing time. I loved being able to see him enjoying all the calm and sensory things. He can’t wait to come back already. Booking more sessions so he has it as part of his routine, as really was so lovely. Thank you for for our sessions and thank you for finally bringing a sensory room to Tenterden. It will be much used and loved.” A port in a storm.

On safari. Ru and mummy.

Had an impromptu trip to Port Lympne on Saturday. We always forget it’s just over half an hour away. What usually puts us off is the distance you need to walk to see a dozen gazelle and a couple of giraffes in the distance, but they have solved that now with their safari buses which pick everyone up and ferry them around to see the highlights. It reminded us of theme parks in Florida. Carl also came along, but he was under the weather. The Port Lympne staff were brilliant and collected us in their Range Rover and helped us get around too. Top marks to Port Lympne for that. I actually wouldn’t recommend it with very little ones (unless you only want to do the safari ride) as it really is a huge walk with prams and toddlers and we struggled. Despite this, the boys absolutely loved it, especially Dinosaur Forest

Rex and Dins. He fell asleep just after this, haha.

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