Goodbye to our Queen.

The Queen has been laid to rest following her state funeral and committal ceremony on Monday. The service was beautiful, incredibly moving and very sad. The entire event was televised; for the first time the world saw our incredible history. The whole day was solemn and dignified and a wonderfully fitting tribute to our greatest Monarch. We will never forget the rich legacy of love, hope and acceptance that she left for all of us and we will remember her for the rest of our lives (always smiling) and we will miss her too. The Queen will now rest in the King George VI memorial chapel. Philip has been moved from the royal vault so that he could be reunited with his wife. Xxxxx

R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth.

We raised a glass to our Queen at Rockits on Monday night. I had a little speech written on my phone, but after reading a few lines I felt very sad and had to stop talking – in that moment, it felt very personal. Sorry about my half a speech, everyone. Then, Jane got us to sing, God Save the King, which we did. I looked around the room and saw how moved many of you were. I felt honoured to be with you all.

“Farewell our Queen, your light will never fade and your legacy will live forever in our hearts and on our tongues as we speak your name.”

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