We’re surrounded…allora…

…With beauties! Us Rockit ladies of a certain age, seem to have lots of grand babies now. I never once considered this as my own children were growing up. You get through the weening, potty training, tantrums in Tesco, hours spent reading the same bedtime stories, hunting dinosaurs in the park and baking several thousand fairy cakes, only to find you’re doing it all over again…and they’ve multiplied, haha. I am lucky to see so much of my beautiful boys, my Amigos – number four will be here just after Christmas too. Our beautiful boys are all well into their second year now and chatty and so very highly amusing. They also love each other greatly – it’s SO cute to see their excitement each time they meet.

What an absolute beauty this one is… I am hunting high and low for my VW…it’s out there somewhere.

I dislike cars being given names, especially modern cars, which are just huge chunks of characterless metal. However, when I eventually find the VW camper of my dreams, I will give it a name, so my Amigos like it even more. Also, I can encourage it up steep hills, “come on Petal, you can do it!” I’ve got some ideas for names: Blue (Bluebell), orange (Blossom), green (Olive), yellow (Buttercup), cream (Daisy), red (Elmo – the cutest and most lovable Muppet). I saw a lovely brown VW, in gorgeous autumnal colours. Oh autumn, my favourite season, I feel quite excited. I am not a lover of summer – although it is lovely to be able to sit outside in the sun with my gang. Autumn is a sea of change…dragging the winter months in on its coattails. I love the rich, earthly smell after rain and I love the way it makes everything look so glossy and green – yet soon it will fade into those amber shades. Finally, we can ditch the salads and make stews and apple crumbles (not me haha), we can snuggle on the sofa with a blanket and watch TV – it’s beautifully dark much earlier too. Oh yes, autumn is my season. The colours are my favourites too – the rusts, crimsons, golds and greens. Autumn is so lovely, it should be capitalised. Why is it not? I wonder if it’s because it’s not an actual thing, but more, a period of time? Like a general, blanket term?

Amigo I gets a haircut. Hairdressers are working again, but wearing masks and visors.

I had a very nice bank holiday Monday morning out with my folks in T Wells – a little break in my crazy schedule, as I gear up for lots more work and events. We had lunch in this fantastic little Italian restaurant in the town centre. We nearly didn’t go in, because not only was it very tiny, but it was somewhat scruffy too and had plastic chairs like they used to have in the old Wimpy restaurants. Luckily, we did go in… just five tables and a small open kitchen. La Follia is an authentic, totally unpretentious, tiny restaurant (if it was French, it would be a bistro!), run entirely by the couple that own it. They serve very basic, rustic, Italian food, which is just right. No anglicised versions, covered in heavy cream sauces. Nope. The lady is very lovely too and kept saying, “allora,” just like the MFI. This little gem reminded me of the noisy, backstreet, family-run restaurants in Rome, that I spent many happy hours in. Follia means madness in Italian… kind of like folly does in English I suppose. Don’t judge this book by it’s cover…we all gave it top marks!

Here we are La Follia in Tunbridge Wells. We ate an awful lot of Parma ham! xxx

Party time!!!!!

It’s been blimin’ hard thinking up things to write in this blog during lockdown! When the choir are doing very little, I have very little to write about on a daily basis, other than the recent tribulation faced by my family. However, the choir have kept doing bits and bobs, like our Grease mini movie. MY ENORMOUSLY GOOD NEWS, is that our choirs will be returning to some form of inside rehearsals from October. Many choirs are back now, but I am being cautious and waiting to see what happens over the next few weeks, as regular schools return too. Choirs are now free to sing outside in any numbers (observing distancing rules) AND in sensible numbers inside too. To tide us over, as we are missing each other, we’ve put together an al fresco evening at Rosina’s football pitch, in mid September. We are having a riotous Rockits party and watching our Grease movie (with added hilarious bloopers and bits and bobs) while we stuff ourselves with goodies from Pete’s (one of Vicky’s bunch) Mobile Muncherie.

Happy Birthday Terry White – love from your Tenterden family xxx

Amigo II’s very best smile. Love him xxx

I just saw a machine for making jam at home. Hello? What’s wrong with sticking your fruit and sugar etc., in a pot and stirring it? The world has gone mad. Isn’t it the actual making of something that brings the satisfaction? The fruit (jam) of your labours? Kneading bread is so therapeutic, so why buy a bread machine? If you’re gonna use a machine to make it, plus a pack of overpriced bread mix, you may as well buy the bread from the supermarket. They also use machines to make jam/bread/ice cream/pasta etc., just much bigger ones, AND you won’t have to waste money buying your machine and ingredients in the first place.

Master baker and creator of dinosaur fairy cakes, Amigo I. Little smiler. xxxx

This blog is a diary of my life, to leave behind should I need to vanish, so I post the good, bad and plain ugly stuff that’s going on, in it, regardless of its audience. It’s true what they say about your friends and enemies. Recently, we had what we hope will be our final court hearing. I’ve never mentioned any names, or any confidential details, but those around me and my family, will be aware of the very stressful five months we’ve had to endure. I’ve seen a complete disregard for my son and my family, that is unforgivable. I’ve seen people behaving as though they did little more than get a speeding ticket; absolutely staggering – because of that, there can be no real and complete closure. I watched a documentary about a serial killer last night, and the interviewer (Piers Morgan), asked him if he wanted to say sorry to the families of his victims. What difference could that possibly make? The serial killer said he didn’t deserve the opportunity to apologise and neither did he want to – he was totally right. A family facing an injustice or huge wrongdoing will always feel hostility towards the other party – that is totally normal and deserved. There are no rugs big enough to brush some things under. Here, I’ve seen enormous flaws in our legal system and I’ve seen tens of thousands of pounds of tax payers money, totally wasted on those that never deserved it. The Police (the law enforcers, NOT the band – a visit from Sting would have been very welcome), CPS, Social Services, courts, judges, solicitors and barristers valuable time, costs the country a bloody fortune and yet, it is money being squandered. Us decent citizens would get chased if we were a week late paying our council tax! The system stinks and that is why organisations like, Dads Unlimited and Father’s 4 Justice, fight on – they need more support to change the current, crappy laws, to stop innocent, loving fathers losing contact with their kids.

Eyes as blue as the deepest ocean. Xxx

Arrivederci, Adagio and Glicine. xxx

Keeping this journal/blog/thing can sometimes be a bit hard. Some things are very sad to write about, but I want to include them, so they are kept forever. Just as we are picking up the pieces of my family’s life and attempting to glue it all back together, mums brother Peter, unexpectedly died, this weekend. Uncle Pete was a lovable rogue. He had a wobbly relationship with mum when they were young, but they had resolved this in recent years. Uncle Pete was married for many years to Margaret, but they divorced a few years before she died of cancer. We didn’t see an awful lot of him when I was younger, but in recent years, he often came to visit, with his lovely partner, Gill. He was a real larger than life guy. Very sporty and fit, with a kind, gentle face and very blue eyes. He talked a LOT, laughed loudly, liked one or several beers and was always telling a story, often about an injustice of some kind, that he was trying to right. I think I inherited this! Every year, he would love coming down to help at Tentertainment. He would ferry the money from the bar and buckets off site (in his leather satchel), so that we knew it was safe and sound. His three sons, my cousins – Michael, Paul and Martin, were called urgently to the hospital on Saturday, after Uncle Pete had a stroke, and then went rapidly downhill. So sad. We are comforted by the fact that he didn’t suffer and we know he wouldn’t have wanted to live if he couldn’t do it to the fullest. “All our loved ones are being taken, but only the good, if I’m not mistaken.” I was thinking of this…

My very beautiful mum and her brother Peter. He gave mum away when she got married.

The VLG. Not to be confused with the BFG. I once got into a minor fracas (well…fight) in the church, after a Vile Little Guy from the church committee, had a go at me after a (sold out!) fundraising show, The Crimson Palace, we had done FOR them! It was also the day of my cancer diagnosis, but I soldiered on and there we all were, a bit shellshocked, trying to raise a few quid to help with repairs to the church. He was trouble right from the start and kept having a go at our very sweet, sound guy. By the end of the show, I was seething, as I had been watching him, creeping around like a spider, weaving his twisted web. Then, the foolish little man, came up to me and shook his finger in my face and for the first time in my life, I exploded and I honestly picked the VLG up by his collar. My family immediately gathered round and Dad shouted, “Max, don’t swear in the church!” Mum shouted, “Put him down – don’t hit him!” Uncle Pete was trying to get through the scrum and shouted, “let me hit him!” Of course, we didn’t touch him and I put him down and he slithered outside (where Butsy got him…that’s my girl). Xxx

Always smiling xxxxx

Kids are set to go back to school. Minefield. Kids don’t seem to be so badly affected by Covid, but they are brilliant transmitters of it. There are measures in place to reduce the spread in schools, but surely, it will come via schools and into homes? Also, one kid with the virus, or symptoms and everyone’s sent home to isolate? However will parents returning to work cope with that? Schools do need to go back though – for some kids, more than others. Those with special needs, or those that honestly don’t get fed unless they go in for their free school meals (which is nearly a third of the boys at Ollie’s school). Also the teachers are not allowed to wear masks (I understand this), but that’s quite tough on teachers with underlying health concerns, who have to teach a room full of snotty kids. Good luck with that! xxx

I remember walking in Rome once and seeing Wisteria everywhere – Glicine. xxx
Taking several days to arrange this one! Adagio 2020. © Arr. Max Wilson.

The loveliest kind of mad…

We have been told to, ‘Eat Out to Help Out.’ From Monday to Wednesday, the government urges us to eat out, for half the usual price, to help our local eateries. I’m doing my upmost to help. I’ve been to Montalbano’s (tbh, initially went there as nowhere else open!), as I’m loving their calves liver (sounds so mean!). Prezzo is now open. Life looks more normal, except that masks are worn inside shops and on public transport and we have to self quarantine when we’ve been abroad. There are some that are still very cautious, but others, are pretty much as they were pre Covid.

Amigo III holding Mucky the dog – now 36 years old.

Fantastic news, is that it’s looking like singing WILL be resumed before the end of year! It may not be exactly as it was pre lockdown, but even if we need to split the groups to allow distancing, that’s a GREAT start!!! Church choirs are back and theatre groups are back, but the guidelines are still blurred and no green light as yet for large choirs, BUT we are now on amber, ready to roll!

Amigo I made Dino-cakes with his daddy.

In the Rockits, we have KC. She’s a little eccentric and a bit mad, in a lovely way. The genuine article. A wonderfully scatty, bright, quirky, elegant mother of twins, who wears original vintage clothes, handed down by her equally unique mother. She wears what she likes, not realising that as she walks along the high street with her shopping basket, twin set, beret and old-style dog, that she looks like she’s fallen off the cover of a 1950’s Woman’s Own. She doesn’t do any social media, and no doubt listens to Radio 4 (and The Archers), while she dances around her stylish garden room. I’m sure many aspire to be like her, but you see, that’s where they fail. A unique article, is a unique article. It’s not pretending to be anything else. Maybe too, it’s the spirit we have in us that makes us unique? You see, KC still does all the mundane stuff we housewives do, yet she is still full of adventure and life. How’s your spark doing? Mine is virtually extinguished, but just like those magic (annoying) relighting birthday cake candles, it keeps briefly glowing again. I’ve been thinking an awful lot lately about ways to keep it glowing. I’m hunting high and low for an affordable, old-style camper-van, so that I can have weekend adventures and do lots more little trips. I’ve even worked out how to afford it(ish). Once I get it, I’ll con all my nearest and dearest into helping me rejig it (watch out G.M!). If any of you Rockits and Ramblers know of one, please message me! I rarely read stats about cancer patients, but whenever I accidentally do, I’m always reminded of the likelihood of it’s return and I therefore don’t want to waste days. I’m not in the least negative or worried about it, it is what it is. Onwards and upwards! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A daily trip to Amy’s Pantry for me and Amigo II xx

Grease 2020 – Oscar Winner!

How’s that for social distancing? Testing out the screen which was GINORMOUS xx

Wop bam BOOM!!!!!!! What a truly amazing and utterly uplifting day it was yesterday. How wonderful to see the Rockits and Ramblers after sooooo long! The Rockits Grease Mini Movie was a great hit, being screened EIGHT times in a row in the park. Hahaha. Even more amazing, was that many of you sat through ALL eight! By some miracle, the rain held off and our feet held out, haha. The quality of the performances was top notch and I thank you all for your time and help in putting this together. HUGE thanks to John Sewell and our Caroline for painstakingly putting the video pieces together AND for putting up with me and my very odd requests. Thank you also to Rosina for her stellar work with advertising/media before the show AND for shaking buckets on the day. Thank you to all those that helped and pulled on a pink hi-viz vest for the day. We’ve had a quick tot up and it appears we raised around £2,600 too for the NHS and there is more to come. Feeling VERY proud of you lot! So thank YOU for taking part, or for coming along…or for just being YOU! Now, to tidy up at home. I do wish I could turn off my brain for a day. While attempting to work my way through the ironing, I was building a set of songs for the (Corona) Christmas cabaret. Oh dear. I have to stop myself firing off messages about this and that, and give everyone a well deserved break.xxxx

Marion and Ruth AKA Blanche and Principal McGee, towering over us. xxxx

Do you ever wonder how people see you? I do, but I don’t much care. I used to. I always feel uncomfortable when I get ‘bigged up’ for work related things, because I am always helped enormously to achieve my goals AND I do it for various reasons, none of which include being singled out. If I were to join a dating agency (the subject of my first full-on foray into writing an original musical – I’m Lloyd Webber and I have found my Tim Rice) and I had to describe myself, I would struggle. I HOPE I’m kind, compassionate, selfless… blah blah blah. In truth, I’m a bit chaotic, sometimes sad (yet I also laugh an awful lot), slightly destructive, impatient, creative, impulsive, honest and stubborn. I used to be such a dreamer, but more recently I’ve seen the worlds true colours and I’m much more realistic in my expectations now.

The Rockits Pink (High Viz) Ladies were out in force, shaking buckets. Thank you NHS xxx