Single female with gsh seeks her old self and decorates shelves.

So close to the Coronation and SO many things on! There’s BoB (a week on Friday!), Celebrations on the Rec on Sunday (singing and tea tent) and I’m helping at the Town Hall Vintage Tea on Monday (sandwiches with the Mayor!). BoB (Best of British) is going to be just BRILLIANT! It’s a big project for us and something new; we have 85 singers taking part, haha. We’ve brought in everything we could – live bands, combined choir (sounding fantastic!), small groups, big-scale lighting, an MC… a balloon drop! Woohoo! Let’s hope our community gets behind it…xxxxxxx

Newly decorated unit at SEN hub xxxx

The new SEN hub is getting better and better. As fundraising has been so successful, Beth’s been able to buy some lovely new equipment for the little ones. This would never have been possible without the support that everyone has shown, as the hub is a C.I.C. and any profits are put back into helping it grow. It’s kept very affordable to and some things are completely free, such as SEN family drop ins.

A boy for each arm. Perfect!

Along with wrinkles, grey hair, dodgy joints, failing eyes and random hairs sprouting in random places, for me at least, has been a feeling of losing myself. I wonder if everyone feels the same as they get older? Physically, aging doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m a very ‘what you see is what you get’ person and accept the invisibility that comes with the advancing years. I’m not saying I don’t like to look nice, but in a totally ‘me’ way. The worst bit of getting older is that nothing for me is what it was. That’s life, but something we don’t see coming when we’re younger. I feel a bit like Mirabel in Encanto, “surrounded by the exceptional” and not able to find my super power, haha. Nothing fires me up quite like it once did. It’s rare that I laugh my socks off. The post-Nige days certainly aren’t as colourful; all we did was meet up and have fun! Shop, laugh, eat, travel – a great friendship. Such a shame that evil forces were at play. Although we no longer see each other, I do worry about him. Generally, I’m happy, but in a kind of simmering way – it’s not quite bubbling and boiling. Thank goodness for the boys, family and good friends. I am going to turn up the heat and see if I can manage one good rolling boil at least, haha. I’m putting my best arranging hat on and going to try and write a set of great new songs and then put our best ever Think Pinks and Cabarets together. I’m also going to get out more!

Beth and her lot have been so unwell all week. Xxxxx

Sen-Sational Sunday!

We had a wonderful, actually a SEN-SATIONAL singalong at Highbury Hall yesterday. I’ve never seen so many little princesses, not even at Disneyland! The event was well supported by Hearties, who sang, baked, served, helped and did all the wonderful things they always do. I genuinely love each and every one of them. Huge thanks to Sarah W for heading the cafe and to Rockits, Irene, Nicola G (and her mum) and Jane & Ella Turner, plus all the cafe volunteers. Thanks to Caroline and Thomas for lugging the stage in and doing a great job with the sound. We had a successful raffle organised by Rosina and Bruna, thank you. Door staff, chair stackers, sweeper-uppers, thank you all so much.

Colours of the Wind – Pocahontas, Sam.

While most of the older audience wondered what the hell we were singing, our young guests joined in with most of the songs. It was a really lovely family event! We don’t talk about Bruno – Encanto, Moana, Pocahontas, Little Mermaid, Lion King and many more. Laura was a marvellous Mirabel, Beth was a gorgeous mermaid princess and Sam was an amazing Pocahontas (if they open a stage show, she should be first in line!). Beth said, “our SENsational Disney singalong fundraiser, raised an incredible £825 for Rockits Sensory! I am absolutely blown away by this and can’t thank you all enough. Keep an eye on our social media over the next few weeks as we will have some new lovely additions to our calm room and sensory garden, all thanks to your kindness.” So, have you actually watched Encanto? It’s just brilliant!

Lovely Ellie with Beth. Xxxx

I’m still a bit under par. I was tipped to win the London Marathon, but overslept, haha. That’s the result of 4 lots of Covid and no ends of coughs and colds, generally rubbish health and whatever gets thrown my way, haha. I don’t believe in laying around when unwell, but I take little time outs to try and recharge. So many of you are like me at the mo, which is strange – even poor Ru and Rex have a nasty virus yet again. Did Covid just ruin everyone’s health? My voice is barely here which is holding up my recording this week!

The Super-Sops and Jane’s back! Woohoo xxxxx

Goodnight Auntie Vee.

Thursday 13th April. Hugo’s scratching at my door to come in, just as he does every night. I’m aware that this is normal to me, my routine, day in, day out. Netflix is on, some odd series and actually, I feel as though it should all just stop for a while. Some kind of recognition. It’s odd how the most enormous life-changing things are going on every second to someone, somewhere and yet everything else just carries on as usual. The very sad news that Dad’s sister, Vera, died suddenly today has left the family heartbroken and shocked. My heart goes out to Linda and Nancie who have lost their lovely mum. I am so sorry for your loss. I thought of what to write – but it’s impossible to sum up Auntie Vera with words. Linda’s words for her mum were so lovely and so perfect, that I will copy them here instead…

Mop of curly hair xxxx

“Just where do you start to find the words to describe her? Once seen, never forgotten. A little lady (I use the term loosely 😉), with the biggest personality, but above all she had the biggest heart and wouldn’t hesitate to help anyone. She put everyone before herself, nothing was too much trouble. If you were lucky enough to call her your friend she would make your life all the better for it. She was loyal, caring, kind, fiercely protective, funny (hilarious actually*), scatty, crazy, one of a kind, as she was often called a “rough diamond,” they definitely broke the mould when they made her!

At Beths wedding, with her 4 brothers xxxxx

She was the heart of our family. The glue that held us all together. Known fondly by her family as Violet Kray – she wouldn’t put up with any nonsense and would put us all in our place if we needed it. She was also the one we went to with problems, she would help us to sort it out. Honestly, the best mum, nan, sister, sister in law, auntie, cousin and friend. We were so blessed to have had her in our lives. She was my best friend and I’m so grateful to have had her as my mum and quite honestly, I don’t know how I’ll live without her. My only consolation is that she is back with her beloved Brian. She was never quite the same without him, truly the love of her life. She will be desperately missed by so many and leaves a massive hole in the family. Sleep peacefully Mum, thank you for everything and don’t forget – I love you more. 💔💔💔💔”

Auntie Vera. Xxxxx

*truly hilarious. She had the funniest, totally unique sounding laugh and was always chuckling away. I remember when we used to visit when I was very young and the women would all be a bit drunk, attempting to make spam sandwiches in the kitchen, all really laughing. I noticed someone had referred to her as “a recycled teenager.” That’s about right, haha. I’ve been saying to my cousins for years that I would go and visit them – but I failed! Don’t put off visits – skip the chores, take some time off work, make room for what matters. As I read Linda’s words for her mum, I was struck by a kind of pride or something. To be so loved as a parent, to be so respected and finally, so missed, shows what a great mum Auntie Vera was. Dad and all his brothers have all been so upset and that is because she was a great sister. Her grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, all feel the same. Such a loss. 💔

Under an elf’s microscope.

For the first time ever, we didn’t have a family get together over Easter. We all had a day on the Sunday, to recharge our batteries! Beth’s lot popped in and later, I hopped over to Rudi’s with the kids eggs. Ollie’s lot had the lurgy so they didn’t come down either, but DID come for the day, yesterday. Noah is now 8 months and has changed so much since I last saw him. I was thinking that when my kids come home, they all instantly do their own unique thing. Ollie heads off for a quick tinkle on the piano, Rudi throws himself on the sofa and Beth usually raids the goodie cupboard. Funny – this also made me laugh. “There are only three things that tell the truth. Small children, drunks and leggings.” So true! I would though include myself… I always speak the truth, even when it’s not easy, haha.

Ma and Pa with Finn and Noah xxxx

The country is going coronation crazy. I’m still waiting for the choir to be invited to sing at the official event, but maybe the royal email ended up in my junk folder? Hhhhmmm. I could even written a special song, haha. I’d have loved a career as a songwriter, writing songs for successful artists, from my villa in Tuscany. What a great way to earn a living AND (here’s the important bit), you’d write songs that touched so many peoples lives… “I write the songs that make the whole world sing.” Haha. I thought this as I watched the new Lewis Capaldi doc on Netflix. It’s rather good – I recommend it! He’s so genuine and you can see why when you watch this. At the opposite end of scale is Daisy Jones, who Sarah tells me is Elvis Presley’s granddaughter! Interesting. I can see it now and she was rather good, so even though she’s a nepo baby, she can be forgiven. If you’re trying to diet, watch ‘Til death do us part, Kourtney & Travis.’ It’ll definitely put you off your food. At their ridiculously lavish 4th (D&G hosted) wedding in Portofino, Kourtney said (wearing little more than a basque), “I’ve had so much anxiety because I really don’t like being the centre of attention.” Hhmmm. 🤔

Rexy in the messy play room xx

The new Rockits hub is looking magical. So many of you have kindly donated to help with the move ❤️❤️. We also had some very sweet donations of garden equipment for the new Rockits garden – I’m sure they will be enjoyed by so many little ones. After the initial push to get the hub ready, we are slowly adding bits, sprinkling a bit more pixie dust. Bodgit & Leggit, the dream team, are still sawing and painting (bless ‘em), in between the hub sessions. We were laughing about the things Beth gets Caroline to do (elf, Rudolph, Peter Rabbit) on top of helping with Baby Rockits and hub decor. “It’s all in your contract!” “What contract? Hahaha!” “It’s in the small print, but you’ll need an elf’s microscope to see it.” Poor Caroline. Today I’m ratty as I’m super itchy (dust, pollen, the world) and have a dodgy back. Oh well.

39 years ago! Me with Ollie is his bee suit xxxx

An open and shut case!

Fridays final push at the hub was hard, all hands on deck and by bedtime, everyone was totally done in. The new hub still has a way to go, but it’s going to be so lovely. Back to Friday; we excitedly waited for our final bits of new equipment to come from what appeared to be a nice little business who made all kinds of things from wood. All looked above board. The main part of the order was a beautiful shop counter, for our little new shop area. What arrived was not fit to be put on a bonfire. I’m not talking shoddy – I’m talking rubbish. Absolute rubbish. It looked like something they’d got from a skip and attempted to alter. I felt so sorry for Beth as every penny counts for them! The traders, of course, refused to sort it out and were very rude and lied nonstop. I will go down the Trading Standards route. As you know, I can’t let there be people in the world who get away with doing such awful things to decent folk. I’m like a superhero in my supersized pants and M&S bra, fighting for justice (but instead of kryptonite, my weakness is cheese). The Royal Mail failed and lost the Easter parcel I sent to Ollie’s lot – I paid a fortune for guaranteed next day delivery and they lost it! Now I am the one who has to jump through hoops to get some compensation! Why is this when it should be a simple open-and-shut case?

The new messy play room xxxx

Saturday! Beth opened the new Rockits SEN hub. It looks beautiful and I think was truly loved by all the little ones. The taster opening day sessions included a little egg hunt in the Millennium Gardens – this runs alongside the new Rockits hub. It was so lovely and Peter Rabbit was ready to greet them… There are two main rooms, two small ones, a tiny entrance, a kitchen and toilets. There is even a little garden behind which will be transformed for Rockits gardening club and teddy bears picnics! A HUGE thank you to my parents, Caroline and Carl for jointly pulling this together for Beth. I couldn’t get in until later in the week due to having the lurgy. Rosina hid eggs and guided Peter, thank you, haha. Onwards and upwards now…

Bodgit and Leggit – teamwork xxx

Rufus loved the opening day at the new hub and was impressed to find Peter Rabbit in the garden. He told Beth, “Mummy, that was Lala naked in there!” Hahahaha. Maybe he thought the furry costume became attached to her body?

Peter Rabbit xx