Hitting the spot.

Liz M. and I took a trip to see ABBA, Voyage, on Sunday. I am expecting to get an award from Benny and Bjorn soon for having been more times than even they have. It was my third time (no, I am not a crazed fan) and surprisingly, each audience has been totally different. First time, last July, shortly after it opened, the audience stood throughout and danced and yelled. Second time, the seated audience maybe stood for a couple of songs and were generally much quieter, but last night, the audience were back on their feet, ready for a party. It’s such a brilliant concept; so clever and beautifully put together. I have enjoyed it thoroughly each time, it really hits the spot, especially when the ABBAtars sing, I still have faith in you. I just love the opening song – will be using it for sure.

And here we are, waiting for the Abbatars to start xxxx

Most of us lead busy lives, I certainly do. What I think though is that busy doesn’t mean your life is actually the right kind of full. Doing loads of housework and rushing around after a family IS tough, but are you actually FULfilled? Give yourself an honest interview and ask yourself if you’re truly happy? Are you honest in telling yourself and your nearest and dearest, exactly what makes you tick? Have you reached your goals? As the years pass more quickly (definitely as we age), have you made the most of them? What makes you feel complete and happy? I’m not sure I feel complete, but for me, I have to believe that I can make a difference in some small way. Occasionally I feel I do and then the next day, it’s back to the drawing board and on to something new. I think it makes me a rubbish friend because I spread myself thin trying to do my bit, but without that, I feel a bit pointless. My kids, my boys are what make me happy too. I don’t know exactly what my goals are, but I do know that I’ve not reached as far as I can go. Speaking of which, I was working on a song yesterday and realised I can now sing down to a low Bb on a croaky morning. That’s SO low. I expect to grow a beard next. My top range isn’t quite what is what, but I can just about manage 3 octaves.

Ollie and Finn and co – Brighton beach.

Sibelius. I’ve now used it for about two years and I am constantly (usually accidentally) finding new tricks it can do, shortcuts and all kind of things to speed me up. Usually, to transpose, up/down, I open the notation screen up and go from there. Silly me – just highlight the passage and up/down arrows. Over two years, that little shortcut may have saved me an entire week of my life, haha. Woohoo! Another BRILLIANT new find is, Aldi fillet steak. Delicious. A year ago, I loathed Aldi, but now I often buy meat and fish there. I continue to cook healthy meals, nothing processed and loads of veg., but I am still so bloody fat. I blame this on the toasties in, Meeting Point.

Beth is ready to get the new SEN room decorated. We are moving in at Easter.
We don’t talk about Bruno – or as I sing to the cat, We don’t talk about Hugo. xxxx

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