Saint Anne and Ants.

It was Mum’s birthday on Sunday, so we had a day out shopping in Canterbury, with lunch at Cotes. Delicious! Ann is a perfect name for mum; Saint Anne is the patron saint of housekeepers and mothers, two things that mum has excelled at for her entire life. We are a family of slightly obsessive mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and we live a very close life, all helping as required.

Our beautiful Noah xxxx

Bloody blimey did it ever rain today! I love everything about this time of year except for soggy days. My poor hair just can’t cope. On a good day, post Aussie Miracle, a blow dry and some Velcro rollers, it’s ok for about an hour, if I don’t get it damp. A bit of drizzle and my hair instantly reacts with very unruly, wispy, frizzy bits that make me look like I’m still in Halloween mode. It’s just not fair! As women get older, good hair is an absolute must to deflect from the wrinkles and dull skin. No hope for me, haha.

Nearly 3 months old and so like Ollie xxxx

It’s been a good week at singing, but I’ve been under par and oddly tired and my voice still isn’t back fully. It may be that I’m just freaked out because Rufus and Rex’s stick insects have actually laid 20+ eggs. It’s bad enough knowing there are three bugs in the house when I’m there, but now there will be even more…yuck. Hearties have some very nice events to look forward to next year and from now until Wintersong in Feb will be quite busy. I need to pull out all the stops on choral arrangements now! Xxxxxx

A quick trip for the Whatman brothers xxxx

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