Hold tight…we’re off!

Got back home about 2am on Monday, after a fair bit of waiting at various places. Very grateful for my little trip. It’s lucky our phones magically remember to turn back the clock – which got me thinking where I would turn the clock back to if I could. 1996 would suit me beautifully. I’d do a few things differently and with advance warning, I reckon I wouldn’t have got cancer either. If people put as much effort into raising money for cancer research as they do worrying about the bloody menopause, I’m sure they’d have found a cure! If I hear “brain fog” again, I may explode. I’ve been putting odd things in the fridge (car keys, *cat), for my entire life and going out wearing mismatched shoes. *It was actually a young Ollie who put our kitten in the fridge.

Beth took a trip to Ollie’s for a Halloween treat for the boys xxxxx

It’s been a great (if busy) week so far. I have some very exciting news, but am not ready to tell everyone. I’m struggling to hold it in, haha. Great rehearsals so far this week – Rockits rocked and Hearties hearted. Cabaret is CLOSE! Aaaahhhhh. I have a dodgy voice (likely due to flying) and I have lost my upper range, which is very bad timing as I have masses of songs to record. I’ve squeaked through what I can and (drum roll), I have a first draft of the cabaret running order. The second half is usually pretty much the same – White Christmas, Cracker Pulling Song, Merry Xmas Everybody, etc. Well, it is Christmas! Cabaret is very sold out for the Saturday performance, but we’ve got some tickets left for the Friday.

Cousins united xx

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at my house too! Decor is heaped on the table, ready to decorate the SEN room. First I have to remove all the masses of Halloween stuff in there. Then I’ll get my sewing machine out and make miles of bunting. I don’t really need it, but I love putting my foot on that pedal and zooming along.

Rexy is far too thin, haha xxxxx

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