Halloweenies & supermodels.

And other news back in the U.K… Rockits Sensory is having a wonderful Halloween! So many kids are enjoying half-term treats. Yesterday there was a visit from the man with his dreadful collection of creepy crawlies, but the kids really love it! How great (count me OUT!) that for a few pounds they can go and hold snakes and spiders. I had planned to help with cookies, but have left everything ready to roll, literally (hahaha).

Stavros and my drink (third from the top). I got it back too!

Here in Paphos I’m thinking about our Christmas cabaret. Yesterday, I watched Stavros balancing the hotel guests drinks on his head, while he did the Zorba the Greek dance (either that or people are going OTT with the ‘fully inclusive’ bit). Cabaret really is our only chance of doing a funny number… we could do this maybe? I’ll ask Kate to start, haha. We also found a Christmas shop and have bought loads of things for the SEN room, Christmas transformation. I can declare I have a suitcase full of snowballs and candy canes when I go through customs. Tonight’s cabaret is a terrible singer who represented Cyprus in the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest (nil pointes). Haris Aristazio. He has a few ancient groupies who swoon over him even though he’s had long Covid and looks horribly waxy and close to death. I know this because one of his fans was sat next to me! It’s all very entertaining if you like people-watching.

Sue transformed into Kate Moss for a selfie. Xx

One issue with coming late to the party is that the daily holiday activities are already planned. This is great if it’s a massage, but not so great if it’s a drive up a massive mountain on quads and buggies, haha. No idea how we’re still alive! It was actually very good and we visited Coral Bay, Turtle Bay and the (ice cold) Adonis Waterfalls. The outing was rounded off with a meal in a lovely taverna.

Me (BURNT!), Bernie (a bit burnt), Sue (drunk, not burnt) and Caroline (medium-well done).

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