Strictly Macmillan.

We spent a lovely Saturday morning together, supporting Macmillan in Market Square. This is our annual coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan by setting up our al fresco café, baking loads of fabulous cakes and joining together to sing. I tried so many cakes – OMG, lemon drizzle, ginger and lemon buns… just amazing. We raised just a whisker under £650. Well done and thank you to everyone who supported the event.

Another Market Square Macmillan.

Strictly. As you know I rather like it, especially as it kicks off my favourite time of year. Get comfy on the sofa, cup of tea and a mini bag of Maltesers. Blimey week 1 was LONG! I am not overly impressed with some of the pairings, but it is just entertainment and not the Olympics. I am all for a totally inclusive world, I want everyone to be accepted for what and who they are, so why can’t couples remain mixed regardless of their sexuality? Why does it matter? It’s almost like making a big deal out of something that is totally normal. This year we also have a very lovely, little person – wonderful, but her poor partner has to stoop and bend down and cannot possibly dance. Surely the show could have paired her with a smaller pro?

Oldest of our 2nd crop. Rex is getting a little shy.

I’m laughing at a piece in the newspaper about sorting your autumn wardrobe. “If an item doesn’t spark joy, donate it or give it away.” I don’t have an item that ‘sparks joy.’ Here’s the criteria for sorting my wardrobe – Does it fit? Are there cat pulls? Do the buttons pop open on the bust? Was it a mistake buy from Roman? That’s it. If the answers are, no, yes, yes and yes – I donate it (not with cat pulls!). My wardrobes are stuffed with things I dislike in a muddle of styles. The article goes on, “just add new season bags and belts to freshen your look.” Haha. I don’t have a look… my thinning hair, crumbling teeth and expanding waistline will not look any ‘fresher’ if I start wearing a belt!

Youngest of the 2nd crop, Noah, plumping up nicely for Christmas.

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