A big birthday, a huge op and a little moan.

It seems impossible that Dad is 80! Firstly, it’s amazing he’s lived this long – I have seen him electrocuted a fair few times! Happy birthday, Dad! Today, I celebrate you and everything that you mean to me. Thank you for being you and for helping me to always be me. You really are Top of the Pops! There will never be adequate words to let you know just how much you mean to us all. I will keep working you hard to ensure I keep you fit and well. Here’s to the next 20 years!

Following in his footsteps…

My brother Marc is doing well after his double bypass and replacement valves. He is in St. Thomas’ Hospital in London. Marc’s heart has deteriorated since his heart attack a few years ago, but we hope that’s all behind him now he’s had his op. Get well soon, Marc xx

Rex helping Pop blow out his candles xx

I’m somewhat disappointed at the local council for their lack of support and interest for Beth’s little hub. So much work has gone into this, the hub is a labour of love, not a commercial business. The sensory room is not and was never intended to be a big money-maker – it’s very inexpensive to visit, because Beth wanted everyone to benefit from it. It’s a community space for mums to be, new mums (and Dads) can get help, Baby & Toddler Rockits sing and of course, it’s a wonderful sensory room. The room itself is proving to be essential for children with special needs and we have had no end of ‘thank-you’s’ from grateful parents. We asked to put a banner up in the town to ensure that everyone is aware the little hub is now open (as it’s tucked away), but our request was denied! It seems you can advertise if you’re running a slimming club or travelling circus, but not if you’re an important space for our community to use.

Just one of the countless messages of support.

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