Covid causes chaos!

So much has happened since the Queen passed away. Charles spoke so well, as did Boris. Charles was officially proclaimed King, at the Accession Council ceremony. For the first time we heard the National Anthem sung for a king. That will take a while to get used to. We have lost our lovely Queen and gained a new monarch and a new Prime Minister all in one week! The Queens funeral will be held on Monday 19th.

Maxon in his smart new uniform.

What a week it’s been at home too. The Big3 have now all started school. Poor little lambs. One minute life is endless fun and then they are packed off for 6-7 hours of school every day. The nights will soon be drawing in; the High Street is suddenly littered with leaves, ‘Bake Off’ and ‘Strictly’ are back on TV – my favourite autumnal viewing. None of it will be the same without Nige. It’s hard getting used to not texting him when I know we’re watching the same thing, so we can laugh our socks off. Oh dear. I don’t even want to contemplate Eurovision without his terrible jokes.

Finn is ready for action!

Bloody Covid is back to annoy us. I know it’s just a part of life now and we are told we no longer need to test or isolate if we get it, but for the choirs that’s not the right approach. I have it yet again and will be cancelling sessions next week which is such a shame. Rockits were full of beans and sounding great last week and I so wanted to carry on with our new songs. Beth can’t take over for me as her boys are poorly too. Many Hearties went to see Mamma Mia on Wednesday at the Marlowe in Canterbury and several have reported testing positive since. I’m not sure it’s all related, but it’s just how it is. I ask that singers stay at home if they are feeling unwell (even if testing negative) and if they are unlucky and get the dreaded lurgy, that they wait for the all clear before returning.

Caroline, Sarah & Gwyn at Mamma Mia.

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