Queen Elizabeth II passes away at Balmoral.

The Queen passed away today. She was of immeasurable value to us all and her loss will be genuinely felt by so many. Selfless, wise, gracious, dedicated, loyal; a constant in our lives and the matriarch of our nation. She was so respected and loved and in turn, she really did serve her nation with a steely determination. Yes, the end of an era, but I think it’s even more than that and I wonder how the royal family will continue in the strange world we now live in, one that lacks values and a moral code. “It has always been easy to hate and destroy. To build and to cherish is much more difficult.” The Queens wise words.

What an amazing life led.

Liz Truss, our new PM (15th PM for the Queen) said, “she was the rock on which modern Britain was built.” I like that. I believe that who we are as a nation was inextricably linked to her as our Queen. We knew nothing else, my parents can recall her coronation when they were just little kids. Truss also said that with the Queen’s passing, “we usher in a new era in the magnificent history of our great country, exactly as Her Majesty would have wished, by saying the words … God save the King.” King Charles III.

Aged just 25 at her coronation.

I like the British Monarchy, the ceremonies, the rituals, all the things we share in and all really important to our sense of national pride. The Queen epitomised a life of dedication and service and was hugely respected throughout the (ever changing) world for that. And oh my, so focused and hardworking. She led her people through some very hard times with such determination and spirit and always, always conducted herself impeccably, even when inside, she must have often struggled. It’s so different from todays celebrity (take note Meghan Markle). It’s a sad time for our country and in fact, across the world. The Queen will be missed. I am SO proud and pleased that we held such a wonderful Jubilee weekend in her honour. The UK has now declared a period of national mourning ahead of the Queen’s funeral, which, as is expected will be held at Westminster Abbey.

Head of the Commonwealth xxxx

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