Busy Bees.

This weeks rehearsals have been GREAT. Hawkhurst were on fire on Monday and did so well with the festival set. Tuesday, I had Hearties Alto 1s (in mums kitchen), nearly a full house and most were very well rehearsed and this evening I had Alto 2s here. We started the Kate Bush too, quite simple but it is sounding good. Was thinking of the Hounds of Love for Hawkhurst, but it may just be too batty. All our days also include doing bits for the wedding. Cakes and bakes and all manner of things. I’m getting excited now. The weather forecast for next 2 weeks is hot and dry… perfect! I’m so looking forward to seeing family that I never see, to bringing everyone together, to seeing the boys in their little suits – and mostly, seeing my Beth get married. I am already teary eyed. What the heck is going on? I think I’ll wear some huge Elvis-style sunglasses. I’ll miss Nige; life is certainly a bit lacking, but I’ll eventually adjust. Moretto’s will have seen a decline in their takings (haha). Work has also started on the new Rockits Sensory room. Wonderful!

Ru and a couple of his harem xxx

I definitely turn to food if I’m a bit fed up and this shifts up a gear if I’m having a good old wallow. Luckily I have nothing that can do too much damage in the house. I finally worked out how to stop piling the pounds back on. No binge -worthy foods allowed in house, calorie counted meals (only buy WW ones. The chicken curry and lasagne are delicious) stocked in freezer (so no excuse if I’m busy) and a daily weigh in. I do though have some Jude’s low cal (Magnum copies) ice creams and they are only 90 cals! So boring really, but I like hearing any tips that make lower calorie living more fun.

My boy lollipop xx

I honestly read this on a professional music site. “Why does my voice stop when I sing?” I read on, waiting for the complex reply. “Your voice will stop when you sing if you haven’t taken enough breath in.” Hold the front page! Hahaha. The second thing that made me think was a photo posted on FB. It was so heavily altered (filters) that the person was barely recognisable. Below it read, “Always be yourself.” Hhhhhmmmm…

How exciting!!! One week to go!

2 thoughts on “Busy Bees.

  1. If you get cravings, I always used to keep sliced carrots, cucumber and celery in the fridge with low cal (usually tomato or pepper) dips if I felt like a bit more substance
    … and Laughing Cow light spread down celery is delicious. ❤


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