Running up to greet a new era.

A new month and a fresh start. Today, Beth gets the keys to her little premises in the high street. It’s up by the Amy’s Pantry end of town which means I’ll be well fed. We now have a month to create a sensory haven; Beth has been ordering all the special equipment for some time. It’s going to be so lovely and I couldn’t be more proud of my girl. Yes, it’s Beth’s work, but also something she wants for our community. There will be all sorts of parenting and antenatal classes held there too. First and foremost it’s a home for Baby & Toddler Rockits and an SEN room for children that who will benefit from it’s special environment. On top of this we have the wedding in 12 days! Good luck Buttercup (and good luck to me as I tackle her 4 tier wedding cake and lots more besides, haha). Xxxx

Ready to start his new school! 😢😢😍😍

I had so many incredibly kind and supportive messages yesterday. Thank you. It’s fair to say that my kids are quite private people and they find it odd that I openly write about my life in this blog, warts and all. I don’t actually like social media posts that are overly personal or needy and I don’t like attention seekers. The main purpose of my blog has always been to leave a truthful record of my life, should I get unwell again. Every year it is printed and becomes an actual book and copies are kept with each branch of our family, so that my boys will know exactly who I was and how our family lived, if I don’t get to show them. I always felt sad that when my Nan died there was absolutely nothing of her left; an old tin of buttons, a sewing box and a few photos. The only place my blog appears is here, the Rockits FB page; it’s not pushed under anyones nose and usually I forget anyone actually reads it, haha. It’s here for safekeeping. More often than not it’s just about songs and events – things that all the choirs are part of. There are a few things I wouldn’t write about (some stories aren’t mine to tell), but generally I’m an open book. Despite what just happened to me, I have absolutely no anger, bitterness or resentment inside me; it’s my new superpower. I genuinely gained the ability to instantly let bad stuff go; how brilliant is that? I first noticed it about 18 months ago. Try as hard as I could, I couldn’t wage a war, hate (almost) anyone, or hold a grudge now and honestly, why waste a minute on someone who doesn’t deserve it? Nipper may have left the building. Sure, sometimes nasty stuff knocks you off balance, but after having a brief wallow (I admit to still feeling somewhat bereft), brush yourself off, press ‘reset’ and start all over again. I’m the queen of pressing ‘reset.’ Boys – you can make the best or the worst of life – I hope you make the very best of your life. Be kind, work hard, make a life to be really proud of. Oh yes and never forget, there’s nowt so queer as folk, haha.

With Amanda and her mum.

Yesterday, I went with Beth and the boys to Redhill for Finns rescheduled birthday party, which was held in a soft play centre. The kids threw themselves around and then we had party food and cake and all was well. Baby number 5 looks ready to burst out of Amanda, haha.

Finn is 4 (again) and loving his chocolate cake.

Running up that Hill. Phew, it’s done! This was a hard one to put together and it’ll be hard to master. It will sound terrible for some time (haha) but if we stick at it, it will fall into place and come to life. So pleased Kate Bush is once again number one, woohoo, just like our women’s footy team. I could almost hear the cheers from people’s front rooms as the Lionesses won Euro ‘22. xxxxx

Out like a light xxxx
Running up that Hill. © Arr. Max Wilson.

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