The end of an era.

It feels kind of like Thelma and Louise. Two very best friends, who embark on a road trip that ends up in unforeseen circumstances. They drove off a cliff, just like mine and Nige’s (platonic) friendship plummeted to it’s final resting place today. We had a wonderful time in the IoW. We sat in the Mermaid laughing our heads off drinking cocktails. We strolled on the beach eating ice creams. We got along brilliantly, just as we have done for a silvery 25 years. We excitedly made plans for our wonderful road trip next August, touring Italy. He was a part of my family and they always treated him as such and he has shared our lives, our Christmases, our weddings (and funerals!), our hen nights, our ups and our downs.

The Mermaid. Cheers Nige!

Those that know me, will know about the dreadful things that happened to my family a couple of years ago. How we went through a living hell for a year, through absolutely no fault of our own. We waded through oceans of malicious lies, dealt with police and Social Services, courts and solicitors. Of course, we told the truth throughout and that was eventually proven in court. During this time it became evident that Nige’s loyalty was directed entirely in the wrong place. Court statements showed that money was changing hands between him and another party and very odd things were going on. Still, I stupidly believed him to be a loyal and trustworthy friend, who would always support me and the family he was a part of.

And a big cheers from Dad too.

Some time later, when court proceedings were in full swing, we were asked for statements from those in our inner circle. This included Nige. Oddly, his first draft of a statement seemed to be supporting the wrong team! I was totally confused and very cross as we knew nothing he had written was the truth and we couldn’t understand why he wasn’t rushing to help our family. We (and our solicitor) urged him to rewrite the statement and include the truths that needed including. It was like getting blood out of a stone. It’s all crystal clear now.

Ma really enjoyed the food at The Mermaid.

Fast forward to today. I found out that during and after the court case (and who knows when), my best friend was working against us. At the worst time in my family’s life, he was stabbing us in the back. Why? How could he do that to me/us? The penny dropped. The dreadful realisation. Just what people will do when they are scared that something compromising will be revealed. Still, when you make mistakes, however huge, you must come clean, as over time you will find you have dug yourself into too deep a hole to get out of. In all our lives shit sometimes happens. You just can’t stop it, so you have to just keep moving forwards and hope you are lucky. In a bid to lead a happy, calm life, I kept my inner circle very small as people never fail to amaze me (or let me down). I can’t put into words how absolutely gutted I am. I am so sad to lose what felt like one of the best parts of my life. I am an incredibly forgiving person, but I wasn’t the only one betrayed; my son and my family were as well. Beth says the moral of the story is to trust no one. That’s a sad way to live. I think you have to trust and just hope you back the right horse. I have been unlucky several times, but who knows, my luck may change! I will still go travelling next year; I may even be able to get hold of a little VW camper with just enough room for me and Hugo and carseats for the boys.

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