A Burning Question.

Day 2. An early storm, which has cleared the air nicely and disappeared without a trace before the kids, grandkids and (my) parents arrived. We’ve stuck a tent on the Hymer and are praying that the weather forecast is correct and it’ll remain sunny and dry. For some reason, it always says it’s about 10 degrees cooler than it actually is and we have no idea why. Anyway, we measure things by Nige’s shins and now (Day 3) they look like they’ve been blowtorched for a minute on each side. That means it’s about 28 degrees. He will now have to spray on factor 50 when he sets foot outside (any more sun may leave him frozen in time, just like a poor person from Pompeii) or walk around in his duvet cover. Today I’d say they are ‘Hot Tamale’ on the Farrow & Ball paint chart. We’ve been mainly hanging here and going to the beach, swimming pool and restaurants. The kids also went to the IoW Reptilarium today.

The Willy-Whats board the ferry.

We aren’t the best motorhomers. Initially we dipped our toe into it and used to level it up when we pitched, but now we park, put the kettle on and put Blu-tack under stuff that’s sliding off the table. For everything else there is duct tape. Rex stumbles slightly as though he’s on a boat when he walks in the Hymer; it’s the jaunty angle we are parked at. Day 3 family meal was at the utterly brilliant, Hungry Bear in Sandown. It’s a favourite place and the food is fabulous.

Appearances can be deceptive…

I wondered if I actually miss anything when I’m away and the answer is, not really. I am used to not seeing Finn and Maxon frequently and keeping in contact via WhatsApp. I sometimes hate it, but that’s just how it is. I do need to get back to finish off my arrangement of Running up that Hill, as it is plaguing my mind. I know EXACTLY what to do now (Heathcliff). I miss Hugo a little and of course I miss YOU! Bloody blimey, now monkeypox has been declared a global emergency by the WHO. Three weeks until the wedding!

“Crikey mate, look at this beautiful fella.” Xxxx

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