Hens, Hay fever and Heros.

Macarons and roses for Beth’s hen party cake!

What a lovely load of clucking hens filled the White Lion last night for Baby Beth’s hen party. It was choir central, haha. Beth was just 18 when we started the choirs and now she’s 32, so many of these ladies have seen her go from teen to adult, mum of two and soon to be wife. The Wilson women never do things in the “traditional” order either – I had kids, then got married (a registry office and a very low-key thing for my 2nd attempt), actually, Beth was born after we were married, but it wasn’t intentional, haha. Anyhow, it was such a lovely little hen party. Nothing crazy. Drinks, pizza, chips, selfies, music, cake, some funny games and the stripper from the Village People. Well, Nige dressed as a Native American prancing around to The Sweets, Wig Wam Bam. The Hearties are so very kind and clubbed together to rent a little old Beetle to take Beth to the church (she started to cry a little when she got the card) AND she has some vouchers too! Thank you all so much. xxxxxxx

He’s been making us laugh for nearly 25 years, so had put in an appearance!

Once you become a mother, you’re never alone with your thoughts. There’s no longer the one set of plans rolling around in your head, there’s several sets; yours, your kids and now, their kids. One second I’m thinking about the new term for the choirs, then into my head pops, “the boys (Little Max, Ru and Finn) start school in September… uniforms, lunchbox…”. Then I end up on Amazon buying them safety scissors and dinosaur cases. It never ends.

Hens R Us. Caroline has been framed!

I’ve spent the last few days working on a version of Mariah Carey’s, Hero. I find this song rather naff in it’s original form, BUT it really is such a perfect song for Think Pink. I also try to get as much mileage I can out of the songs we do and this will definitely work for cabaret and Wintersong. I fell upon a live Youtube video of Pavarotti singing parts of this at a concert. This was my inspiration for this and I slowly built it into a kind of English/Italian duet for the Hearties. We have our very own (slower) piano track too and not a horrible 80’s style one like the original. I think it’s going to sound brilliant, although I am not sure if I’ve got enough depth in one or two places, but I can tweak this once we get started.

Sarah W shortly before she was dressed in a toilet roll wedding dress.

I wonder if my allergies will ever calm down again? Fifty years of gradually building a tolerance to pets and pollen, only to get a “factory reset” after the chemo. One touch of dust, a whiff of pollen, a stray cats hair and my skin flares up, I struggle to breathe, my eyes stream and feel on fire and it’s impossible to sing! I get so frustrated that I can’t record good vocals now for the choir – I just get through it the best I can. I’d be quite happy with regular hay fever; this is way different. Oh well, maybe I’ll improve and when I’m ancient I can have another whippet – Doris.

Viv looking very glam wearing several rolls of Andrex.
Hero for the Hearties. Arr. Max Wilson.

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