40,000 steps to heaven.

Jubilee dinner dance. Lilibets trifle and Eton mess.

Well, that’s about it for the Queens Platinum Jubilee. What I liked most was that it brought the community together, that there was bunting on all the houses and I just loved some of the TV coverage; the Queen having tea with Paddington Bear was brilliant (Platinum Party at the palace). The fact Rod Stewart butchered Sweet Caroline and talky sung the verses and Bocelli is no longer brilliant (and took a gazillion breaths during Nessun Dorma) and Diana Ross was miming and ‘Wonderful World’ was totally ruined by Celeste, didn’t really matter too much, because when I saw everyone crammed together having such a great time, I felt quite emotional. All of the music was dire – I got to thinking how sad that all the greats are gone and we’re left with Alicia Keys.

St Michaels Village Hall looked splendid xxxx

Jubilee at St Michaels Village Hall. 4th June. Entertained by the Ruby sisterz, Beth and Leila and the Cafe Society Jazz Band. This was wonderful, but oh my god, it was incredibly hard work. Last year, the Ruby Sisterz had planned a Valentines event, but Covid ruined that. Then I heard that the village hall in St Michaels needed help, so I immediately thought to kill two birds with one stone. We jointly hatched a plan for the Jubilee dinner dance. It ended up with Caroline and I spending days setting it up and clearing it down – but it was worth it. We didn’t raise loads of money because the overheads were high (catering, staff, food, hall decor, entertainment), but £10 from every ticket was donated to the village hall fund and we also had a little left over to add to our Macmillan Fund. Over the main two days work, I reached 40,000 steps on my watch! I didn’t lose any weight though.

Tina and Caroline made the front page. Jubilee Picnic at the park.

Jubilee Picnic on Sunday 5th. This was a little, free community event at the park. TTC put in marquees and so on and the Rockits, Hearties and Ruby Sisterz sang and the choirs ran a tea tent brimming with homemade cakes! It was really nice and luckily the rain just held off! Families came with a picnic. Over £550 was raised for Macmillan in the tea tent. Rex took his first tottering steps and is now officially a walking, talking (nonstop!) little boy. He keeps phoning me and babbles as though having a chat. ❤️

Rosina, Sarah and a plethora of Hearties and Rockits!

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