Jubilant and positive!

There will be 60,000 street parties on Sunday 5th June! How fantastic! Rufus has been learning all about the jubilee at school. His little preschool class made the Queen a card and it was posted to Buckingham Palace. Rufus – you are the sweetest little boy. You have a beautiful soul. You are so kind and gentle. Finn sent me a little song that Ollie had recorded. Bless him. Sarah, “I am a great supporter of the queen but I wish she’d decreed a one day celebration and not a four day weekend.” Me, “Yes, four days is quite extreme, but fine when it’s MY birthday.” Sarah, “yes, you get at least a week, but then you did always have more influence than the monarch.” Hahahaha. This year for my birthday, it’s a girls day out at the ABBA show! Beth will no doubt have us dressed up! Roll on July! Today though was our Glenn’s birthday. My soon to be son-in-law is the very best I could have hoped for. A fantastic dad and a really lovely guy. ❤️❤️

The card Rufus and his class made for the Queen.

Who we are today, is very much the result of how we were raised and the life skills we’ve picked up over the years and from various people along the way. The learning never stops for me, so it’s hilarious to look back at my teenage self, who thought I knew it all. Even the catastrophic relationship with the MFI taught me lots (for starters, I know how to make a Negroni and what al dente is!). Yet many poor souls never quite master how to live as a compassionate, caring and content adult. The politics associated with running the choirs is something I prefer not be involved in, but occasionally things are flagged up on my radar. If anything is tittle tattle, I toss it straight in the bin, where it belongs. If something is serious enough to warrant real attention, then I mull it over for a few days, gather the opinions of my nearest and dearest and then either bin it, or calmly and discreetly deal with it. I sometimes hear gossip about myself and it’s always untrue and quite ridiculous, so I just ignore it. I’m far too secure – what you see is exactly what you get. No grudges, no petty rubbish. There are going to be a few exciting changes later in the year and I hope to return to a little one to one teaching again too. I feel it’s time!

London. Jubilee!

Harry Styles really does have something unique. I LOVED his first solo, Sign of the Times (2017) and I very much like his new single, As it Was. It reminds me of A-ha and Will Young. Its very, very rare that I see anyone that (for me) has the X factor, but Harry does. He’s gone a bit Eddie Izzard lately, but it only makes me like him more. What draws us to people is their energy – not the way they look. Positive energy. Styles is so secure in who he is, that nothing could knock him down.

Wayne & Beth singing together at Woodchurch xxx

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