Love life, love liver.

There are parts of last year that I failed miserably at, mainly sorting out my physical self. However, as a person, I think I’m pretty much sorted. I don’t know why we change, whether it’s just age, experiences, or whether it just magically happens. For instance, I never used to cry, not from one decade to the next, now my eyes leak at the slightest act of kindness, or a smile from one of my little guys. I have also genuinely lost some of my bad traits; holding a grudge, sometimes being a bit jealous, being too stubborn and not always remembering to stand in others shoes. Serious problems, like eating mini cheddars in bed and collecting Christmas mugs, may never be solved. I’m very far from perfect, but being able to drop negative feelings is so much better than hanging on to them. You can’t pretend you’ve dropped them, you can’t even try – if it’s going to happen, it just suddenly, magically will. It makes every part of life better, especially relationships with our friends and family. A still have minor gripes in life, one is the spreading of misinformation, haha. It’s dangerous. Social media packs our lives full of lies and it frustrates me. Gather your facts carefully and only accept clear, concise evidence. If it’s your Covid jab or taking HRT, politics, whatever, ignore all the online rubbish and scaremongering.

All smiles at Nanny Daycare.

After two Hearties groups yesterday, I can hear how brilliant, He’s my Boy, is going to sound. I’ve slightly changed the way I arrange Hearties music too. It’s more ‘mixed voices’ than parts stuck within their vocal range. I’ve lifted everything higher (as we no longer have men in the Hearties) and I entwine some parts, so the groups are often singing in the same vocal range. We have a plethora of altos – if they are pushed a little outside that range, they lose power and can be pitchy. I definitely spend most time arranging music (and doing the scores). The choirs are a beast that needs constant feeding! Speaking of beasts that need feeding, Sarah and I had a fantastic lunch at Montalbano’s today, for her birthday. Calamari to share, calves liver (both our favourites) and a nice glass of white wine. Happy Birthday xxxx

All smiles at Montalbano xx

St. Michaels Village Hall proved unsuitable for my Tuesday afternoon small group. SHS. It has a bad case of Sports Hall Syndrome, haha. We had about twenty lovely ladies in there and the sound bounced around and echoed like we were in a cave. It’s impossible to rehearse in noise like that. You can’t hear yourself think, let alone sing. We have events booked in here later this year, but I’m sure when the hall is packed with an audience, the sound will be fine. 13132.

Why did I not realise I could dress Hugo like this!! This is NOT Hugo, yet…haha.

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