Quaffles and Waffles.

Last nights Rockits, TGI Thursday/Christmas get together was very lovely, but VERY chaotic. It won’t usually be this manic, but I think everyone was letting steam off and very happy to be back in the world once again. Wayne returned and we had a singalong of California Dreamin’ and a few other bits and then played a quaffle (a quiz combined with a raffle, I know, I know…). There were LOTS of new faces around which was so lovely, but I do hope they realised we aren’t usually quite so crazy, haha. Loads of buffet bits left too, but I am proud to say that I went home with nothing but a hoarse voice, haha. We are asking everyone to take an LFT before coming singing and we are leaving the big double doors open, it’s nippy, but very airy!

TGI it’s Wayne Un-Bridled, haha

Why, oh why, do I write little operas? They seem such a good idea at the time, but when it comes to writing every single note down for the scores, it blows my mind. I am eight hours into, ‘He’s my boy’ (below) and still have a very long way to go. I do though think this one could be a real winner for the choir. A small group sang it at cabaret and it proved so popular with the audience that I decided to arrange it for a second time with the full choir in mind. I am hoping the Hearties can sing it at our first event of 2022; ‘Bridges,’ at All Saint’s Church, Woodchurch, in March.

Little Max on the Bedgebury carousel xxxx

Rex has been home for two days and is on the mend. Thank God. Today, he has eaten some solid food, splashed a little in the bath with his brother and managed to smile again. He is nearly one, but seems a much younger baby, I think because of all his spells of illness. He also clings to his mummy like a little newborn koala bear. We were able to have a little belated birthday for Beth. Glenn got her a waffle maker which is going to be disastrous for our diets. Speaking of which – WOOHOO! The new Patisserie in Tenterden is open. Artisserie Patisserie, here we come to sample your coffee, baguettes and sweet delights. All that caffeine and sugar will definitely not help my insomnia! If you’re having trouble sleeping, try watching the new film about Princess Diana, Spencer. I guarantee within five minutes you’ll be comatose. It’s the biggest load of rubbish I have ever seen and it’s depressing and dull and sadly, not about Frank Spencer at all! It’s a work of boring fiction and even Mark Kermode got this review wrong. P.S. Mum – I honestly don’t eat as much as it appears…

Rex driving his first car xxxxx

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