A king and a fox.

5th Jan and Rexy is still in hospital, but is making progress and has eaten some banana! Woohoo! For days he’s had a high temp and racing heart rate and baby bronchitis. He’s pretty much slept for days on end. It’s not like the last time he had it a few months ago. I have the easy bit, waiting at home. Rufus comes here every day while Glenn goes to and fro with supplies. Come on little Rex, your name means you are a king, so get better quickly and I will play my harmonica to make you laugh and we can finally give mummy her birthday presents xxxx

Here he is! Xxx

Bloody blimey, it’s freezing out. Pa and I went for PAT testing this morning – well not us, but all my sound equipment, every bit that plugs in basically. Having PAT tests is a legal requirement when using electrical gear anywhere. There is so much that needs sorting and why, oh why is all my equipment so bloody heavy! I’m working on scores over the next few days. Most fundraisers are booked for the coming year and we are pushing on with publicity and artwork.

Care packages with apple crumble for Beth xx

Post Christmas and as expected, Covid has erupted. It’s the Delta variant and not causing too many problems to those with it. Hospitalisations are really only unvaccinated people and only 5% of those need to be on ventilators – as opposed to 45% previously. I think this is no longer something to really worry about and it’s time to push on with our lives, all the while that we can. Let’s hope that as variants evolve they are all less severe; it’s what’s happened so far. We will have to be ultra careful with Rexy though as his little lungs aren’t good. I wish everyone was vaccinated. It would help protect the little, the elderly and the vulnerable. I’ve had twelve people let me know they’re stuck at home with it! Get well soon. There’s a record high of people isolating today. It will be quieter at our party tomorrow, but we are definitely back and have acquired Wayne (aka The Silver Fox).

Rufus told me he has lost his mummy. Xxxx

1 thought on “A king and a fox.

  1. So true Max, this virus isn’t going away, but we can make sure we protect ourselves.
    Poor little Rufus…. heart-wrenching for him too…. must be difficult for him to understand.
    Heartbreaking for you all… big hugs coming your way, to all of you, from me ❤


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