A terrible birthday, a great party and a long walk.

2nd. It’s Beth’s birthday today, but Rex is poorly again so they are both back at the William Harvey. Poor Rexy has had a rubbish first year with his health. He seems to have inherited my asthmatic (Day) gene, which means a cold can quickly lead to bronchitis. So once again, he’s at the hospital with a bad chest and cannulas in his tiny little hands, giving him the drugs he needs through an IV. What an incredibly tough year for his parents too. Beth has hung in there through a years worth of sleepless nights and hospital trips. Beth’s gifts and cards are here and we will celebrate her birthday…eventually. If I could give her one thing though, it would be the ability to see herself and the amazing mother she is. Her patience and love and devotion to her little boys is the most perfect thing I have ever seen. She would be proud if she was looking in from the outside – I certainly am. Get well soon Rexy and happy birthday Butsy. Hurry home before Hugo eats your cake!

Get well soon little guy xxxxx

1st. Took Rudi and his clan to Bedgebury to see the Christmas lights. Ivy and Maxon LOVED it. They even had a chat with Father Christmas who was at his holiday lodge, relaxing after delivering all the presents on Christmas Eve. The kids ran up and thanked him for their toys. It’s a very lovely and fairly long walk through the forest. We sat and had hotdogs and hot chocolate. Xxxx

Maxon and Ivy in the fairy tunnel.

31st. Nige and I had a great NYE party at Montalbanos. Perfect in every way. We never go out on NYE but thought we’d give it a try. It was a five course meal, including carpaccio – Nige said it tasted amazing despite the fact it looked like he’d coughed up one of his vital organs, haha. A few glasses of fizz, delicious food, a bad Frank Sinatra tribute (canned applause on all his karaoke tracks, haha) which is the very best kind of tribute act to have, great service, lovely atmosphere and we managed to get to midnight without falling asleep!!! Everyone was singing and dancing and so happy. It’s then just a three minute walk to each of our houses (opposite directions, but Montalbano is nicely placed in the middle) and no taxi required! Top marks to Montalbano, we’ll be back next NYE!

New Years Eve 2021.

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