I always start January with such great intentions. I’ll reinvent myself, or rather, recapture what I was and should be. Flicking back over the last couple of years blogs, I am aware that this crops up every year, I try and I fail. I don’t look after myself, I spend too much time alone and I rarely sleep. Those things need addressing. This week in between Xmas and New Year is a really odd one. I’ve absolutely no idea what day it is and my days have totally lost the plot. I have though done lots of thinking about the choirs and decided on, what I believe, is a way forward that will lift the spirits and keep us going! Thursday Rockits gain Wayne Bridle and a relaxed, guitar-accompanied evening of song. No rep to learn, just great music and one different song to master each week. Drop in, drop out – whatever suits you. In my mind I can see it, but it’s hard to describe. Not a stuffy choir, but more like being part of a band. Yes a singing group, but not a structured one – I want us to feel like backing singers at a great gig. Is it possible? Let’s see! Anyhow, I’ve called it, TGI THURSDAYS.

Beth and I will be joined by Wayne for ‘22.

We, as in the choirs, have just bought a new complete PA (sound system) which is second hand (1.5k) but it’s like new and was originally owned by Gordon, who treats his equipment (like his wife), with the upmost love and care. I am confused about utmost and upmost. Generally we have to pay around £500 a day for our sound to be done at an event and usually we do need an engineer there, but for some events we can do our own sound, which will save some money in the long run. The little PA’s we use for rehearsals aren’t powerful enough for events and our mixer doesn’t have enough inputs for several microphones. Poor Gordon is recovering well after getting Covid and having a heart attack! It finally made his mind up about retiring from “outside” work, hence him selling off his equipment. He is still going to do a little studio work as he just loves it all. We will return xxxx

Christmas treat and research! Trip to Barbican for West End Highlights. It wasn’t the best!

STOP PRESS! There is a PROPER patisserie opening in the high street, with PROPER pastry chefs and little Parisienne pastries; even the sign writing on the window is a thing of beauty. What do I do? Fat derrière or full fat Mille-feuille? A patisserie close to home is the only thing on my bucket list! I’m not a fan of bucket lists. If there are things you CAN do, but don’t, then that’s just plain silly. If we are lucky enough to live fairly happy, reasonably long lives, then that’s the ultimate thing to be thankful for. I would highly recommend a trip to Florence though.

2021 brought us Rex. What will 2022 bring us? Xxxx

It’s Britains warmest New Years Eve on record! I’m thinking to wear a bikini to our NYE dinner at Montalbano’s later. NYE is my least favourite day of the year and this year more than ever, I think a new year is needed! Nige and I have never dined out on NYE and I reckon we will fall asleep at the table before the main course arrives. Come on 2022! I wish you all the very best, safe and sound, year ahead. Big love xxxxx

Santa brought Finn a new bike. Xxxx

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