What the Dickens!

Stephen Mangan was just perfect as Scrooge in the Old Vic’s production of, A Christmas Carol, which we saw on Saturday. It’s BRILLIANT. A retelling of the classic tale, while keeping it full of Dickensian charm and merriment, without a single hint of today’s overly commercial holiday trash. The staging is so good (in the round), making the audience feel totally immersed in this uplifting show. Hand bells, snow, traditional carols, laughter and tears and a reminder to us all to be compassionate and generous, not just now, but all year round. If you get a chance, go and see it. It’s Christmas.

A Christmas Carol. Joyous.

Adele’s new album, 30, is out. It’s gorgeously woeful, which suits me, really well written and beautifully produced. Melancholy – that’s my factory reset. She’s on tv tonight; her vocals are great and barely altered since her ginormous weight loss, but for me, there is a slight difference. Her technique though is even better and she has loads more power. Stood in a 10k designer gown, looking so refined and beautiful, some of the chat grates on me a little. Am I a bah humbug? I slightly miss the old Adele (did she have more heart and soul?) pre therapy and hanging out with the Kardashians, haha. I greatly admire her determination, her resilience, even her weight loss! I wonder what Freud would say about it all.

Beth on left, Rex on right. So very alike.

Busy week ahead! All usual stuff like Rockits each night and some nanny daycare, all fine. Then, extra rehearsals on several days, run through of cabaret on Tuesday, viewing Bilsington Priory on Wednesday, one more arrangement to do for cabaret and in my mind, I’m lining up 2022’s new term of music for all choirs. That means a lot of new arrangements in not a lot of time. Any ideas? We’ve already got a title for cabaret 2022! Xxxxx

Little Max and Ivy have put their Xmas tree up! Xxxx

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