Hugo had his first trip to the vets today, to have his boys bits sorted out (Oliver calls it his coin purse, haha). Poor Hugo. They had put a sticker on his cat box that read, HUGO WILSON. Funny. When I went to collect him, the vet said he would be very groggy today. Nope. He has even more energy than usual and is scaling the heights even though his rear end looks a bit sore. Rex’s third tooth has emerged and Rufus has had a hair cut. Me – “Rufus, have you had a hair cut?” Rufus – “Yes, I was a lion and now I am a tiger.” This is quite right. His mane of curls has gone and his hair is now flat like a tigers coat.

You jig and I saw. Rufus, Rex and Daddy Glenn.

There were a few quibbles about our events recently and why we do them. Some thought we did them purely to raise money, some thought they were done for the general public and a few thought I did them for myself and my family. Wrong. Truly, I do the events primarily for the choirs, for them to work towards and enjoy taking part in. It MUST be enjoyable for us all. Off the back of that, we make loads of money for charity. Yes, to a degree we do also need the public involved, as half the choir don’t buy a single ticket for their own events and have never done so; cabaret (for instance) costs about £1,500 to produce and that’s quite a few tickets to sell! We have had three tables of generous guests that have been with us every year since our very first cabaret and between them, they put enough in the hat to pay the costs involved in cabaret. That means we can safely produce the show each year AND donate money to our chosen charity. Win, win, win! Cabaret is very nearly complete (phew), I just have a few small groups songs to finish off. We are already working on dates for next year and trying to space the events out evenly so that we don’t have a manic spell. I always say this, it rarely works!

My end of the town is SO pretty at this time of year.

Emissions of greenhouse gases. I never once considered that every time we google, or send an email, that the electricity used across the world, adds up quite a problem. This is a little disappointing – so is ABBA’s new album. This isn’t a return, it just sounds like a big moneymaking venture. The songs are pretty poor; a watered down version of their greatest hits. There is a soundalike Fernando, a Waterloo etc., nothing new and nothing creative. The two best songs are, I still have faith in you AND I like the Christmas one, Little Things. We have covered both at Rockits now. I am working on a big chunk of Christmas for our concert for young Oli, as we have been asked to make it nice and Christmassy. This we can do! I heard Little Things yesterday and have arranged that for the choirs today. Here it is…

Remembrance Day show for The Ruby Sisterz at Bethersden.

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