Songs for Oli. Songs for hope.

I SO like the lovely lot who come to Rockits. Numbers are a bit low at Ashford and the hall is very expensive as we also have to pay a caretaker to be present, but we are hanging in there. Really sweet members here and some fabulous voices. We haven’t continued with a big publicity push, as Covid is looming everywhere and we need to keep numbers down, for now at least. We also can’t use the hall much later than 9pm which makes it a problem with helping those that want to do the show choir, but we have plans to solve this in 2022. Hawkhurst and Tenterden are going strong, full of very familiar faces, which always gladdens my days so enormously. I have seen most of these faces for ten years or more and they are like family to me. I love this term as we get to pull the old Christmas favourites out of the hat. If only we could remember the harmonies, haha.

Rex. Kind of the road.

Cancer is relentless. Relentless. Merciless. Cruel. I was reading about new medical advances and pleased to see that survival rates have doubled in the last twenty years. That’s still not good enough and we can all play a part in helping those survival rates rise further. WE can be relentless in our pursuit of better treatments, so that all types of cancer can be dealt with. More money means more research and that may never lead us to a complete cure, but it will enable cancer patients to live longer and more comfortable lives. I have been saddened to read about a lovely local family whose son Oli Ross, has a brain tumour and needs urgent treatment abroad. Oli is just fifteen. This could happen to ANY of us, to any of our children or grandchildren and I can think of nothing worse. You would move a mountain to help your child overcome this beast of a disease. When things are looking bleak, the one thing we can grasp, is hope. We can pull together and we can add all of our hope together. I have a son called Ollie. He is thirty-seven and I thank God he and his family are happy and healthy.

My Ollie with Finny.

I was contacted by Oli’s nan asking if the Hearties would help with the fundraising for the treatment (travel, accommodation etc) in Germany. This is EXACTLY what the Hearties are here for, so yes, of course! We will be performing a concert at Bilsington Priory, Ashford, for Oli’s fund, on 19th December. Christmas Cabaret By Candlelight, here we come! As I type this, I hear the ‘ping’ of messages arriving in my mailbox, ticket sales for this event. The tickets will arrive from the printers on Friday; that morning will be spent posting out these tickets. Yay! Then it’ll be back to cabaret – I have a running order! Phew. I’ve added a little chunk from Disney’s Anastasia, which will pull us into Christmas. I like the songs and they are full of frosty words and December lyrics. We were also contacted by Woodchurch Church to arrange a fundraiser for them in March 2022. We will be performing on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support. Our calendar is already filling up!

In my Dreams – duet. © Arr Max Wilson.

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