Birthday Mumsy and Welcome to the 60’s!

Happy Birthday Mumsy. Mine is a great mum, who always puts us first and is always there for us all. She does school runs, masses of our laundry, keeps our fridges stocked and is quite unstoppable with her endless support. We had a lovely meal at Montalbano and then I came straight home and finished off my third arrangement (below) in as many days – all from ‘Hairspray.’ Cabaret is coming…

Butsy on the left – but which is the real Sue Pollard?

Cabaret is buzzing all the time in my head and in my dreams. Exhausting. While in bed, I run through the top and tails (intro and outro) of the songs I’m considering and try to find what fits where. It’s hard choosing the songs too. I’m bored with lots of musicals we have previously covered, so I’ve been sifting through newish ones, which will be new to the audience too, so they must be strong songs that will pull an audience in, even though they are hearing them for the first time. Then I think of the logistics – if those singers are over there for X, how suddenly can they be at Y? Then there’s the issue of keeping everyone Covid safe, so no changing in sweaty changing rooms and no bodies squashed together backstage. I want the running order done ASAP and then we can keep going over it until we get it right and then keep going until we can’t get it wrong! Haha. I don’t like something I’ve done to be a reason we don’t do well at it, so I try to have a plan A, B, C etc. If all else fails, I can become a Sue Pollard lookalike. I’ve got loads of naff plastic-framed glasses, dodgy hair and questionable fashion sense. If I die and become lionised (!!) and a film is made of my life, Sue Pollard can play me, Ed Harris can play Dad, Steve Coogan can be Nige and Jane Fonda can be mum. If I don’t die, the only other thing I would love to do is lead a competitive cheerleading team, like Navarro Cheer, my favourites, I know ALL the terminology. I’m wondering if we could try a human pyramid at cabaret? Kate C could be the flyer.

A first date for Rufus.

When it gets to about 3am and I need to shut off cabaret, I watch endless terrible Christmas movies. The very cheap ones have fake, wadding snow, plastic trees and cancer patients that look like they are wearing flesh coloured swimming caps. Convergence on Netflix is fabulous, all about the pandemic and the worlds unsung heroes who help to pull us all to a better, safer place. Quite horrific to see how the pandemic hit poorer countries and so tragic and heartbreaking to see victims piled in temporary mortuaries and dead on the streets. These people belonged to families and loved ones. The documentary focused on people from different countries throughout 2020, a hospital porter, a nurse, a taxi driver, an ambulance driver, a scientist etc. It made me cry at one point, as you see how close a 15 year old boy came to dying (Mexico) but somehow, the medical staff pull him through. At the end you see him in a wheelchair, pitifully thin, being taken outside so he can see his dad for a few minutes for the first time in months. Poor boy, he has a tracheotomy and looks so unwell. He can’t talk, but the visible relief when he sees his dad, the tears just roll endlessly down his face. Bless him. It’s odd that man has spent so much time and money ensuring wars can be fought, without being ready to fight a virus or making sure our world is habitable for all its inhabitants.

What a gent – he is laughing his head off at all her jokes, haha.
Welcome to the 60’s. © Arr Max Wilson.


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