Hawkhurst, Halloween, Happiness.

My Halloween beauties.

Halloween. Oh the little ones just loved it. The boys were an assortment of things, including a spider, a bat, a ghost and some kind of robot-spaceman. Rufus went to collect goodies from the neighbours and said, “tickle treat” when they opened the door, haha. Had a lovely visit from the biggest of the BIG3 and his clan. SO wonderful to see them all for an afternoon. Finny has grown 3cm since I last saw him. I think they stretch him on a rack overnight. We went for a walk along the high street, kicked up the autumn leaves and bought Finny a Spiderman helium balloon.

Ru-Spider, Rexy-Bat, Finny-Ghost xxxxx

I really enjoyed singing with the Hawkhurst Rockits tonight. Last week I was a little disheartened as there were teething troubles with the new hall and it was such a quiet week. Totally different tonight – a lovely vibe, the lighting had been fixed, the sound was better and we had some great newbies who came along with their equally great voices. All groups are still on the quiet side as I know some are still nervous of Covid, but really, the halls are so spacious and airy now, that they must be safer than just about anywhere else people go! We sang a fun version of Bat out of Hell, haha. Whatever happened to Meat Loaf?

What character is Little Max? Answers on a postcard please.

I couldn’t sleep and made a mental list of top tips. Mental, haha. 1. If you’re poaching eggs, they must be fresh. 2. Minimise your material stuff and always choose quality over quantity. 3. There are just nine Maltesers in a mini bag, never offer to share one. 4. Feed your mind. Watch documentaries, ask questions, read, sing! 5. Know your audience. By this I mean behave in a way that will not cause offence to anyone in your company. 6. Lifestyle is far more important than money. I am working on improving my lifestyle. We need very little money to actually live, just enough to be truly happy (pay our bills) and if we are lucky, find a career that is rewarding. 7. Put your phone down if you find yourself glued to it, especially at night. Life is precious and not worth wasting on FB. 8. This is my most recent discovery. We are all going to die. You, me, us. I think we are the only species cursed with this fact. So, we must live this life as best as we can as it’s the only one we get. 9. Never let your friends/team/family down. Flaky is only good if you’re a sausage roll and a flake is only good if it’s made by Cadburys. There, that should see my boys through their adult lives!

Casper, AKA Finny, with his pumpkins!

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