Single Ladies about to get married.

Beth is on a pre-wedding healthy eating plan and I’m trying to follow suit, but soon it’ll be Halloween and Waitrose get toffee apples in and then it’ll be Christmas pudding and before I know it, I’m back to Easter eggs!!! I had best wait until next May to start my diet, haha. We have been wedding dress hunting here in Tenterden and I think Beth has chosen her dress – which was exactly what I always imagined she would wear for her wedding. She’s not a meringue kind of girl (unless it’s the food variety). Sarah P and I watched as she tried on all the suitable dresses. We liked every one and then found a reason we didn’t like the previous one…and then we chose one of the first ones.

I was in Boots getting prescriptions for Rex and in walked Sharon from Eastenders. Now, I haven’t seen any regular TV like this for years, but EVERYONE knows Sharon! I think she’s one of the originals from 30+ years back. I was hoping she would ask for something embarrassing as that would make a better story to tell, but alas, no. She is much smaller than she appears on TV, so I had best not go on TV in the near future. I will keep myself occupied with the Rockits instead; lovely session tonight in Hawkhurst and we were back in our usual hall. The Hawkhurst Rockits make a beautiful sound – really smooth when they sing in unison. Lots of new faces in this group – the MID 1’s seem to have stolen all the newbies, haha. I was super happy as Beth came over to teach with me too. Grrreeeaaattttt!

The gang at Singleton. Gwyn, Sarah, Caroline, Bruna, Rosina and me!

I put this funny song together for The Ruby Sisterz – it’s my swinging version of Single Ladies, by Beyonce. This was nearly impossible to do as the song is R&B (with some disco and pop thrown at it) and doesn’t lend itself to close harmony, haha. I had to pull out the entire bridge and just copy and paste the other bits together that did work. It’s going to appear in Think Pink, along with Ruby Sisterz versions of, I will Survive and All About that Bass. XXXX

Finn has a new cousin, Isla.
Single Ladies. © Arr Max Wilson.

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