What a crazy week it’s been! I tend to thrive on busy, but this week has honestly had it’s share of ups and downs. Getting the choirs off the ground after 18 months was a bit of a marathon, but we survived! The new way we organise things is going to work well, but we’ve had quite a few teething* problems. ‘Head Office’ (there is no office, but that’s our name nonetheless) has worked tirelessly. It’s not the sessions as such, but all the organisation that goes with it too, so we work, usually indepedently, through the days to get ready for the evenings. It will ease up though as things settle. I would like to vent and add that rehearsal halls are the bane of my life. Haha. Monday – Hawkhurst. Quiet but lots on holiday and others still not mixing. Lovely newbies! Tuesday, was Hearties; we are getting close to our Think Pink October so working hard. Wednesday – Singleton and our first actual session. I love new groups, seeing the happy faces…and confused ones. Issues there with horribly bouncy acoustics, so that is my current thing to solve. Thursday, was Tenterden and that went smoothly and SO nice to see so many familiar faces. The girls have the registration process running smoothly, the card readers are behaving…

Rufus – Amigo II is off with his dino backpack and new red polo shirt. Good luck (teachers!) xxxx

Run with the hares and hunt with the hounds. I had never heard this phrase until recently, but so many people do this. I guess it’s a way to make your life easier or you feel more popular, but it’s not the right way to be. In my youth I have definitely been guilty of this, but not now. Anyway, I have just this second finished doing the VERY new ABBA song, as the lyrics are absolutely perfect for our next events. It isn’t their best song, but we will definitely be the first choir to do it as it was released just one week ago. We have our own special backing track that is in A major instead of (the original key of) F major; it’s still low, but the ABBA girls have matured (or started chain-smoking) and can now sing about an octave lower, haha. The choirs wouldn’t manage this… so we are singing two notes higher. “There was a union of heart and mind, the likes of which are rare and hard to find.” Lovely. I am going to have a nightmare doing the scores as it sounds as though there are lots of time signature changes in this. Wish me luck, haha. I managed to get virtually to the end before my poor voice crashed out yet again.

Finny. Amigo III. Book bag, backpack and blue school shirt. xxxx

Two of my chicks started pre-school this week – Finny and Rufus. Little Max is already at nursery. First uniforms, new shoes, book bags, shiny wellingtons, water bottles and spare clothes. I would take less on a fortnights package holiday. I am both happy and sad that they are becoming more independent. *Teething. Rex has his first tooth!

My beauties. Rexy has his first tooth. xxxx
I still have faith in you (Laryngitis mix). © Arr max Wilson.

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