A return for all Rockits and Hearties is FINALLY here. I can’t quite believe it. Woohoo! A huge thanks to Caroline for helping pull it together, to Rosina for advertising and Sarah for dealing with my constant barrage of requests for website additions and alterations, haha. My printer has churned out about 4,000 copies this week, Carolines laminator is surely VERY hot, we have new folders, newsletters, membership cards, new T’s, term packs – and of course, a lovely term of exciting new things to do. A sea of pink, orange and blue is before me. It’s been 18 months since many of us have been together. We even have ‘Zettles’ which are our new card readers. Bloody blimey – technology! xxxx

New folders with interchangeable fronts for each term! Term packs…phew, so many pages!

ABBA are back and they have a GENIUS new look, using digital avatars of themselves, so they look about 40 – just what I need! This is so much better than seeing them as the fairly old folk they actually are now. If Sia can hide under a wig and never be seen, I don’t see the problem with the “robot” ABBA (let’s hope Madonna and Cher follow suit). I wonder how much of the real them we will actually see over time? The ladies still look lovely, but it just looks a bit odd having 70+ year olds as pop stars. Or is that just me? They’ve released two songs from their new album, good, but not brilliant. The girls vocals are SO low now, but both are great singers and highly underrated. Listen to the first bit, “I see it now” and the pretty vibrato, much more mature – a bit more Karen Carpenter. I think voices can be hard to mix with strong vibratos like these, but theirs are so lovely together. It’s also largely about Benny & Bjorn’s brilliant songs; I have a theory that ABBA are so successful because the music makes you feel really happy, but also a bit sad. The point though, is that it makes you FEEL. The first release is about looking back (I guess the marriage splits helped), “I still have faith in you” is very emotional, so nostalgic and there I am, thirteen again, singing along in my bedroom. The video is quite touching as it shows old footage of them. It’s not their best song, a bit naff, but warm and lovely, like a favourite sweater you get out for Christmas. I don’t know why some people are so odd about ABBA – yes, lots is terribly cheesy and overplayed, but some of the songs are brilliant. I have to laugh though; they love to fit a (Dancing Queen) piano glissando in wherever they can (listen to, Don’t Shut Me Down). WATCH THIS SPACE, ABBA are in the house, haha.

Our Tina, Les and Kate, giving the new T’s a test fitting!

Watched a great new film last night, called, Land. It’s set in the Canadian wilderness (maybe?) and is about a woman who loses her family and decides to leave her life and become a recluse. I took notes, haha. My main question is, what kind of lunatic would go and stay in an old log cabin, exposed to the elements and most importantly, spiders!!? I watched a documentary about the brown recluse spider recently and they will definitely be living in her log pile, about to give her a venomous bite. Forget the bears – it’s the spiders that would worry me. The cobwebs in the outside loo would be enough to have me ordering a rescue squad to come and get me. Funny – a bear gets in her cabin and demolishes it, eats all her food and then leaves. This is pretty much how I feel after a visit from Rufus, hahaha. Beth’s lot all have a nasty bug again. Poor Rexy has been back in hospital today as he has a nasty case of bronchiolitis. They said it hasn’t reached it’s peak yet, but I am sure he will be fine before long. Ruru has it too, but is fairing better as he is older. Another round of negative Covid tests for them all, but Covid is still prevalent. It seems to be something we are all living with now and we MUST carry on living our lives. I know loads of people that have had it, or have it right now and luckily, they are all fine and don’t feel too bad. The thing is, GET JABBED and then it seems it’s little worse than getting a cold for most of us.

Everything is currently pink, orange and blue, haha. Here is Finn sat inside a giant ‘O’ xxxx

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