Xmas Lights and a vintage scooter.

Macmillan are just brilliant. I know that first hand. They have helped so many people I know too. I have just finished arranging, Christmas Lights, by Coldplay. We have a lovely custom-made backing track (I will definitely be bankrupt soon, but I want you all to sound wonderful) with bells of all kinds on it, so you really can’t miss the fact that it’s a Christmas song. We will be going to Gordon’s in about six weeks to record this, then we will film everyone in small groups during their rehearsal nights. I am sure with green screens, we can create magic and mistletoe. Let’s hope we can give a nice gift to Macmillan this year.

So many years ago at Gordon’s studio – we will be returning. xxxx

While driving back from a trip to the dentists in Ashford (for Beth), Rexy got very grumpy; he is teething very badly. Beth and I always pipe up and start singing together, as though it is the most normal thing in the world. It usually calms Rex. One day, when I’m ready for the scrap heap, Beth will take over the choirs – she’s been trained since the day she was born and no one but her, could be me. Nige definitely needs some training on his new bike. In his youth, he rode big motorbikes, but clearly he is out of practice, haha. He arrived to show me his gorgeous new vintage-style scooter and he was a little shaky. We both laughed our heads off for ages. It’s an electric bike, so totally silent and the throttle (?) is very sensitive; one minute he’s there and then he’s kangarooing off somewhere. On the maiden voyage, he crashed it at 1mph as he arrived at his home. What is very good about Nige, is that he really doesn’t care what anyone thinks and he is very good at making us both laugh.

Here he is – Berry Sheene. It is not safe to go out in Tenterden.

I’ve got my sleep problems back with a vengeance. I’m lucky if I fall asleep at 2/3am and during the week, I often need to be up at 7am. I can only fall asleep with the TV on and that is why I watch lots of stuff. I need the noise and company and something in my head that will dislodge the music that is stuck there. A musicians brain is well exercised and an enhanced one. It’s said that musicians use the occipital cortex, a visual cortex, to imagine the actual score, when listening to music. I do that, so I’m glad it’s normal, haha. Music sharpens your mind, improves communication, boosts your immune system, helps repair brain damage, evokes memories…it’s even used to help Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients. I digress… watched two unusual, easy, but good films last night. Goats (with David whatshisface from the X Files) and The Surprise, which is Dutch, but a really good, lighthearted story.

It will be as good as new with some superglue! xxx
Christmas Lights. © Arr max Wilson.

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