Codas and Both Sides Now.

In music, my first language (haha), a Coda is a little tail end that brings a piece to a lovely end. I guess a bit like an expanded cadence; a coda can really be short and sweet, or quite long and elaborate. Nicole Kidman does not think that actresses careers come to a lovely end. Well, it depends what an actresses career is based on, look at Judy Dench and Helen Mirren. Maybe looking like Barbie’s grandma doesn’t help poor Nicole? Once looks fade, you need talent to continue. Look at me – I’d be unemployed by now, haha. I rather like Kidman’s new Amazon Prime series, Nine Perfect Strangers, although her dodgy Russian accent isn’t so good. Up until about the 1990’s, celebrity came from real talent, but now the famous are the mega-wealthy, rubbish reality tv stars, footballers wives, friends of Paris Hilton etc. Talentless. I wish it would end, but sadly we’ve come too far. In my opinion (I know, I do have an awful lot), the only brilliant actors are the ones unaffected by their fame, who remain grounded and normal. If you think you’re God, it’ll show.

RIP Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer, who died at the age of 80. This is not his bike.

Gordon Thrussell, who sorted our sound for cabaret and a few other things, has retired! Drat! Haha. I’ve known Gordon for 34 years – we used to use his Ashford studio for rehearsals and recording when I had the bands all those years back. In recent years, the choirs have done a little recording there; I very much like and respect Gordon as he’s a no-nonsense guy who is very good at his job. Although Gordon has retired from outside work, he is still doing a little in his studio, SO, I have booked The Rockits in for October. We are going to record Coldplay’s Christmas Lights and produce a video for an online campaign, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. It will be fun putting it together and hopefully do well for the charity too. Christmas is coming…

Rufus is inside a bubble at the Ashford Outlet. xxx

I watched a film on Apple+ called, Coda. It was a simple, crowd pleaser, but it was also warm-hearted and very sweet. It would be a little mundane, except for the fact that the main character is a teenage singer with a beautiful voice – but she’s also a Coda; child of deaf adults, in fact, her brother is also profoundly deaf. Very strange, as sign language would be the first language a hearing child would learn from her deaf parents. The film won’t win any Oscars, but it also included a lovely version of Joni Mitchell’s, Both Sides Now. Beautiful song…I went straight downstairs and made a little 2 part version for a small group of four or five Hearties to sing. That song always remind me of the very sad bit in “Love Actually.”

Baby Rockits branches out to Cranbrook.

I should have called Hugo, Coda. Firstly he does look like a cat version of Yoda and secondly, he will soon come to an abrupt end if he keeps jumping on my head at 3am.

Both Sides Now. © Arr Max Wilson. 2 parts only!

1 thought on “Codas and Both Sides Now.

  1. If you think Nocole Kidman’s Russian accent is bad you should listen to her trying to do English accent in the film called Australia, that’s really bad. Also, what has the bike got to do with Dear old Charlie Watts .?😎😎


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