26 degrees of desperation.

It was 26 degrees early today and this set some kind of Pina Colada alarm off in CP – he says this is the optimal temperature for Pina Colada. We decided we would walk along the beach until we came to Ryde and six miles later we had done just that! Once there, we wandered the streets (lots of shops closed), went to the Chocolate Apothecary and by lunchtime, it must have been 30+ so we waved down a taxi and got a lift to the Mermaid Gin Distillery, with it’s lovely cocktail menu. We sat there, drinking cocktails on their terrace, looking out over the fields and felt as though we were in southern France. We eventually decided to go home…

Approaching Ryde. Seaview Beach and Appley Park.

Oh dear – not a single taxi appeared to be working on the island and no Sunday buses, so there was nothing for it but to walk AGAIN! Had we known, we wouldn’t have bought the special gin glasses, gin and general shopping. We plodded on and came to an old man and checked we were going the right way. “Yes, but much quicker if you climb over that fence, walked through that big field, get to the church and then walk diagonally through 200 Acre Field.” We did this and just as we finished trekking through 200 Acre Field, a cyclist emerged, who asked if we were lost. He said there was a better way home, so we walked back through the bloody 200 Acre Field and then came to a massive field of freshly cut, knee-deep hay. Perfect for a person allergic to every spec of pollen, haha. Onwards we went and it just felt hotter and hotter – CP said he felt like Bear Grylls, but was worried he’d get a tick. I thought an adder would be hidden in the mounds of hay. 16,000 steps later we reached home! Blimey, that was hard work, but a fun adventure!

Ryde. Chocolate Apothecary.

It’s Monday. Time to secure what we can, stick the fridge door shut with some duct tape and head for home – after a morning in Cowes.

The Gin-a Colada.

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