Weekends and Mr Whippy.

The little ones really do fascinate and enthrall me. You just couldn’t love them any more, even when they sneakily buy toys using your Amazon account, or draw on your furniture with a Sharpie. Rufus has loved his holiday and is very impressed with “Nigel’s house car” and spendt ages sat inside it counting his sweets. He found a crab on the beach yesterday, had a Mr Whippy, went swimming and then went to the dinosaur museum. I would definitely say, forget big theme parks (Disney etc.) until the kids are much older. Bring the little ones here – kids don’t want to queue for rides and wait an hour for a photo with Mickey, then want to go crab hunting, make sandcastles, picnic on the grass, play mini golf. Disney has its place, but not for a few years yet, PLUS it’s SOOOOO expensive.

First Mr Whippys for the boys. Love it – lard!

The weekend has arrived and Beth and her lot have now left for the ferry. Now it’s just CP and I sat quietly on our comfy chairs outside the Hymer, watching the world go by. CP and I met about 23 years ago and our friendship has been one of the few constant and stable things during those turbulent years. As we get older we have settled into our lovely trips away and tend to meet up at weekends for dinner or a shopping trip. Oh my, we do have some tales to tell and we certainly have laughed through most of them. For my birthday dinner, CP emerged wearing a pink linen suit and straw trilby, smoking his e-pipe. I laughed – it was quite a surprise. It was a nice suit, but I’m not yet forgiven, ha! Someone once asked if we were married and CP replied, “yes…just not to each other.” Thanks CP for a wonderful holiday.

Strike a pose – move over Madonna, it’s CP.

As we get ready to emerge from lockdown and return to living without precautions, I’m a bit rattled. It must be done, we must live our precious lives – but we must also be aware that Covid is still everywhere around us. We are due to return to singing inside, but I’m thinking a few Market Square sessions may still be needed. At least, even if outside, we can stand together. I’m going to make indoor sessions airy and as safe as possible. Just arranging a lovely Macmillan coffee, cake and singing session in Market Square in September. Anything for a slice of lemon drizzle. Xxxx

Lunch outside the Hymer xxxx

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