Scorchio and compleanno.

Woohoo – a super sunny Wednesday and my folks have now arrived. Slightly worrying is that Rufus is booked in for archery today! Sat on the beach with mum and dad, so lovely and peaceful and very few people. As usual, I got burnt. I’m a risk taker. I always risk running out of petrol, burning the dinner OR myself on sunny days.

In the blog! Uncle Kenny and Auntie Anita Xxxx

Still alive after yesterday’s archery, which is great as it’s my birthday. Wonderful morning which I started by opening a gazillion cards and little gifts that I brought with me (thank you so much for all the lovely and very kind words and stuff) and CP gave me a super treat of an F&M birthday foodie hamper full of deliciousness. I now have my very own blend of Max tea and a special teapot to infuse it in. Rufus bought me a rubber tarantula, but is “looking after him” on my behalf, at least until a leg falls off. He’s definitely been watching too much YouTube as he now says, “subscribe to my channel” when he does something well. We went to Shanklin for a cream tea and met my lot there, including Dad’s youngest brother (Uncle) Kenny and his lovely wife (Auntie Anita). I don’t see much of them so this was great. I was their bridesmaid when I was about 8 and that was an absolute dream come true for me. There are many important landmarks in our lives – being a bridesmaid, turning 21, getting married etc., but surely the most important one is appearing in my blog haha.

Birthday dinner at The Hungry Bear, Brading.

It’s amazing what gadgets some of the motorhome/caravan people have for levelling their vehicles. They do it with little remote controls. We had the traditional wedge things you can drive on and we did this once, but then didn’t bother – we probably left them in a field in France. If we are very tilted, we don’t play marbles. Petrichor – what a lovely word, for a lovely thing…well I like it, anyway.

Patisserie Valerie flew me a cake in! Xxxx

3 thoughts on “Scorchio and compleanno.

  1. Rufus makes me laugh. What a lovely little boy oozing character, so very cute 🥰.
    Petrichhor, I had to look it up, 😁🤫 and agree, a pretty word for something lovely! Happy holidays to your lovely family 💕 xxx


  2. Looks like you’ve had a dino-tastic birthday with the family…. always the best kind!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday, looks like the weather’s going to stay lovely for you all xxx


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