The Willy-Watts have arrived!

Day two in the Isle of Wight and all is well – at least I will stay awake today, as I did rather a lot of sleeping yesterday. The weather is now glorious (hotter than Biarritz) and my runners are now drying out, after we got stuck out in yesterday’s heavy storms. I started to think I may get trench foot, but fear not, the next morning was flip flop weather and my runners dried while we drove to Blackgang Chine, a Dino treat for Rufus. I blogged about Blackgang last year, but again – it’s bloody brilliant for young children. It’s perfect in every way and just £75 for four adults and the boys (and free return pass, for one week!). It’s about £75 for an ice cream at Disney.

Shanklin. Runners drying on dashboard xx

We are staying in a beautiful park in St Helens, between Ryde and Sandown. We are literally on the beach and Rufus is LOVING it. Isle of Wight is the very best holiday destination for young families. Everything is within easy reach and it’s inexpensive and jam packed with stuff to entertain little ones. Not good for teens though! I had always imagined IoW to be like a typical, drab, grey English holiday resort – Bognor. Not at all! It’s so pretty – thatched cottages, palm trees, lovely beaches, agapanthus, no end of places to walk, loads to do, beautiful beaches, a gazillion restaurants and cafes. Give it a go!

Rex has his first ever swim xxxx

CP does make me laugh. We have now been holidaying in the Hymer for four years, yet we still drive along with the steps out and things trailing behind us. Things go crashing when we corner and usually the fridge door opens and closes randomly. All the other motorhomers spend hours setting up their pitches with windbreaks, awnings, bbq’s, lights and outdoor eating areas. We arrive, stick some duct tape on anything broken in transit, boil the kettle and make tea in our chipped mugs. CP says “we’ve got all the gear, but no idea.” This is true, it’s a (very expensive) comfortable base, not a show(motor)home. The Hymer is lovely and super big and not traditional looking. It looks like a tour bus. Xxxx

It’s behind you! Blackgang and it’s amazing animatronic dinosaurs.

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